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Property Tax Appeal Letter

When residents of a county or city in the U.S. believe their tax assessments are incorrect, making their property tax bills too high, they have the right to file a property tax appeal letter. It is important that the letter is sent to the proper department and representative who can handle appeals.

Format and Content

This property tax appeal letter format should include a list of any discrepancies the homeowner believes to be a part of the official assessment. It should list the amount the assessor listed, the amount the homeowner believes the property to be worth and the difference in the 2 figures. The difference would be the amount that would need to be added to or deducted from the homeowner’s tax bill.


Sometimes homeowners may find incorrect information about their homes listed on their tax bills. In this property tax appeal letter sample, the homeowner lists all of the discrepancies he found on his tax bill and asks the tax assessor’s office to reduce the amount that is due.

Jack Jones

248 Camp Street

Cheyenne, WY 54321




Ms. Jane Jackson

Appeals Representative

Cheyenne Tax Assessors Office

P.O. Box 753

Cheyenne, WY 54321

October 1, 2013

RE: Property Tax Appeal for Assessment done at 248 Camp Street Cheyenne, Wyoming

My name is Jack Jones and I am writing this letter to appeal my property assessment that was recently mailed to me by the tax assessor’s office. It is my belief that my home was over assessed and I have provided documentation below to support this claim.

There are some discrepancies in the property records that I received from your office and what is currently in my home. Your record indicates that I have a hot tub on my deck that you value at $2,500; however I do not have a hot tub. In addition, the record you sent me shows that I have a 3 car garage, but I only have a 2 car garage. The difference in the assessment of a 2 car verses a 3 car garage is $1,200.Finally, you list my living space as 2,800 square feet when my living space is actually 2,200 square feet. The value of the difference in square footage, according to your own calculations, is $8,300. I am requesting that you reduce my property tax assessment by $12,000 due to these discrepancies.

Further, I ask that you consider some structural defects on my home that were left off of the assessment conducted by your office. A crack has developed in my home’s foundation which diminishes its value by $5,500. There is at least 1 house on my street that is comparable to mine but was assessed at lesser value than my home. For example, the house located at 123 Camp Street has my exact floor plan and was assessed at $215,000 compared to my house which was assessed at $240,000. I ask that you reduce my assessment by another $5,500 for the cracked foundation and another $17,500 to bring it in line with the comparable house on my street that was assessed at $215,000.

Please reconsider my property tax assessment and in turn reduce the amount of property taxes I will have to pay this year. Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated.


Jack Jones

Jack Jones