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RN Recommendation Letter

An RN recommendation letter is for a registered nurse who is looking for employment with a hospital, clinic, physician’s practice or other medical facility. It can also be written for a registered nurse seeking a promotion with a current employer. It is usually written by someone in a supervisory position.


This sample RN recommendation letter is for a nurse who works at a pediatric medical practice but wishes to obtain employment at a children’s hospital in the community. The letter is written by one of the senior physicians in the pediatric practice who serves on staff at the children’s hospital.

Dear Administrator Elliott:

I would like to recommend Beth Wyatt, RN for one of the open positions in the new surgical wing of ABC Children’s Hospital. Beth has served brilliantly as an RN at XYZ Pediatrics for the past twelve years. She loves working with children and wishes to change to a hospital environment. Although, I will miss her at the practice, I am sure I will have opportunities to work with her at the hospital should you choose to hire her for one of the positions.

She is an ideal RN for children as she is perpetually cheerful regardless of the situation and has an amazing ability to coax a smile or a chuckle from a sick child. Beth possesses a boundless energy and enthusiasm that often motivates her co-workers. She functions admirably in high pressure situations and in a very fast-paced environment. Twelve years in an extremely busy pediatric practice I believe has more than adequately prepared her for the challenges of a hospital environment.

Beth has assisted me and the other pediatricians in the practice on countless occasions with all manner of minor surgical procedures performed here in the office. I am confident that she has the skill set necessary to care for post-operative patients in a children’s hospital setting. She is tremendously compassionate with sick and frightened children yet does not allow personal emotions to get in the way of performing her job duties in a calm and professional manner.

Accustomed to being on her feet all day, I believe Beth will have no trouble meeting the requirements for physical stamina in a children’s hospital environment. She is used to making quick decisions in emergency situations and has a wide range of experiences from which to draw when it comes to making a sound judgment fast. Her fellow nurses respect her, the doctors depend on her and the children adore her.

It is my pleasure to recommend Beth Wyatt for the position of RN in the surgical section of ABC Children’s Hospital. The entire staff of XYZ Pediatrics will miss her immensely, but I am confident that she will make a wonderful children’s hospital RN if given the chance to perform her many exceptional skills. I am available via cell phone at (555)-555-5555 or email at [email] should you wish to further discuss Beth’s qualifications.

Warm Regards,

Augustus Zimmerman

Augustus E. Zimmerman, III, M.D.

Senior Partner

XYZ Pediatrics