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Salary Acceptance Letter

Some jobs have negotiable salary ranges for new candidates based upon their education and experience. Upon being hired for one of these positions, an individual may submit a formal acceptance of the position, and then negotiate pay and benefits later. When an agreement is reached, a salary acceptance letter will then be written in order to acknowledge agreement of the offer.

Format and Content

The letter consists of an introduction which states the purpose for writing the correspondence. It then contains paragraphs that detail the salary being agreed on in addition to any benefits or incentives that are being offered as well. If the agreed-upon salary is good for only a certain period, this will be stated in the closing paragraph in the salary acceptance letter formatalong with information about how compensation will be negotiated at that time.


Madeline Johnson is writing this salary acceptance letter sample to Beatrice Jackson, the director of operations for In Your Face Advertising. Ms. Johnson has recently been offered the position of Internet marketing manager, and elected to negotiate her salary and benefits with her employer at the time she accepted the offer. Ms. Jackson made her a satisfactory offer, which is she now formally accepting by writing this correspondence.

Dear Ms. Jackson:

I am writing this letter to formally accept the salary and benefits package you have proposed to me for the position of Internet marketing manager with In Your Face Advertising.

According to the offer you submitted to me on October 17, 2013, the annual salary for this position will be $68,000, which will be paid to me bi-weekly. In addition to this salary, I can also earn a bonus for exceeding sales volumes in addition to bonuses from high-performing accounts. These bonuses could add as much as $20,000 to my annual salary, and would be paid on a quarterly basis.

You have also agreed to provide me with a company iPhone, which contains an unlimited talk, text and data plan for business use only. I will also be given an iPad for use at meetings with my clients, and an expense account for entertaining that will not exceed $200 monthly.

I understand that the terms of this salary and expense account agreement will be in effect for one full year from the date of my hire, which is currently expected to be November 1, 2013. After that first year of service, we have agreed to renegotiate these terms based upon my performance in a meeting that will take place in person.

In coming to this agreement, I believe that we have made a mutually beneficial deal that will be in the best interest of your company. I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to fill this position, and am looking forward to fulfilling my new responsibilities with In Your Face Advertising.


Ms. Madeline Johnson

Ms. Madeline Johnson

Internet Marketing Manager