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SAP Appeal Letter

It is vital for students who receive financial aid to maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) in order to stay in school and continue receiving their monetary assistance. Students who do not maintain SAP may be denied their financial assistance, but in some cases an SAP appeal letter can help authorities understand a student’s unique circumstances and could lead to that student receiving extra time to bring grades back up to par.

Format and Content

Your name and student identification number should be included in your SAP appeal letter format. Also, any supporting documentation that shows what contributed to a drop in your grades will help your case. A doctor’s note, hospital statement or death certificate are examples of items that can help your SAP appeal case. Your letter should also explain in detail the reason for your drop in grades and your plan for improvement.


The student who is writing this letter was seriously injured in an automobile accident which caused her to miss classes while she was in the hospital and the result was a decline in her grades in all classes.In this SAP appeal letter sample the student explains the circumstances that caused her grades to drop and how she plans to bring them back up. She is attaching to the letter a note from the physician who performed her emergency surgery, a copy of her hospital bill and documentation showing that she has registered for tutoring to get her up to speed in both her calculus and chemistry classes.

Dear Dr. Kite,

I was involved in a serious automobile accident on August 20, 2013 just after classes began. I suffered trauma to the head, 4 broken ribs, a fractured wrist and a lacerated spleen. Although the doctors tried to save my spleen, I eventually had to have surgery to remove it. I attended classes the first week of school. My accident was the following weekend and I have missed 3 weeks of classes. After returning to my classes this week I find that I am grossly behind and have received numerous zeroes on work I was unable to turn in. This has caused me to fail to make the expected satisfactory academic progress in my classes; however I am working hard to catch up and my professors have been very helpful.

My professors have agreed to let me go back and complete the assignments that I was unable to turn in on time as long as I can turn them in by Midterm. I am catching up on all the reading I missed and have a deadline coming up in which I must take the tests that I missed. I have been attending tutoring classes for chemistry and calculus as well. I have attached a note from my surgeon, a copy of my hospital bill and proof that I am registered for tutoring. Please allow me to continue classes and accept my SAP appeal.


Lindsey Love

Lindsey Love