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Scholarship Appeal Letter

Regardless of the reasons a student’s grade point average drops below the minimum required to keep a scholarship, it is worth writing a scholarship appeal letter to explain the circumstances that contributed to the drop in grades. It is possible that the organization which awarded the scholarship might choose to give the student a little more time to improve the grades provided that the student has a plan for raising the grade point average.

Format and Content

All appeal forms that are required by the college should be included in the scholarship appeal letter format. Most college Departments of Scholarship and Financial Aid will not consider an appeal letter that is turned in without the required forms. Scholarship and Financial Aid Departments will often reconsider a scholarship termination when a student has suffered a death in the family, a serious illness or accident or some other extenuating circumstance.


The student writing this scholarship appeal letter sample experienced a death in the family. His grandfather, to whom he was very close, was diagnosed with an advanced form of cancer. During the grandfather’s final days, the student missed a large number of classes and also had difficulty concentrating on his studies. He completed all required forms and is appealing to the college’s scholarship committee to allow him one more semester to raise his grade point average.

Dear Dr. White,

I am writing to appeal the recent loss of my scholarship due to a drop in my grade point average. I realize that the required grade point average for keeping the scholarship is 3.0 and I ended the semester with an average of 2.9. Further, I understand that I am solely responsible for my grade point average. I would, however, greatly appreciate it if you would consider the extenuating circumstances that contributed to the drop in my GPA. In addition, I have attached all required appeal forms.

About six weeks into fall semester my grandfather was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given approximately two months to live. I was very close to my grandfather all of my life as my family has always lived next door to my grandparents. Learning of his impending death was devastating and I spent a great deal of time with him when I should have been in class.

In retrospect, I should have taken a leave of absence, but I thought I could keep up with my studies and spend time with my grandfather too. Now that my grandfather has passed away, I do not regret the time I spent with him during his final weeks; however it has resulted in the loss of my scholarship. I would like to ask you to consider making an exception in this case and allow me one more semester to bring my GPA back up to the required level or higher. Regardless of your decision, I want to thank you for awarding me the scholarship in the first place and for considering this request.


Matthew Davis

Matthew Davis