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School Counselor Recommendation Letter

A school counselor recommendation letter can be written on behalf of an individual who is just out of college and seeking a counseling job, or someone who is an established counselor seeking a promotion. It can be written by another counselor, a principal, a teacher or even a child’s parent.


This sample school counselor recommendation letter is written on behalf of an elementary school counselor who wishes to be hired for a position at the middle school where she would counsel older students. It is written by the principal of the elementary school to the principal of the middle school.

Dear Principal Webster:

It is my understanding that you have an opening for a counselor at Sandy Shores Middle School, and I would like to recommend Amy Franklin for that position. She has been a counselor here at Sandy Shores Elementary School for the past six years and has done a wonderful job of supporting our teachers as they do their best to teach and nurture all of the children, including those who struggle with learning disabilities or challenging issues at home. It is Amy’s desire to work with older children at this point in her career.

Amy has been proactive in taking continuing education courses to improve her job performance and further her career. She has put into action the latest techniques in school counseling and these have resulted in maximizing the academic achievement of students. When children’s fears and difficulties are properly addressed, they are free to focus on learning in school, and this is what Amy has accomplished at Sandy Shores Elementary.

Classes that Amy has taught to our teachers to assist them in identifying emerging red flags in children’s behaviors have been tremendously helpful. Teachers have learned to recognize potentially disturbing behaviors in children early on and get the children help before the situations get out of hand. Amy is exceedingly patient with all students as she strives to help them cope with whatever problems are making their education challenging.

Amy has successfully identified learning disabilities in some of the children here at Sandy Shores Elementary, and they are now receiving the extra help they need to move forward in their education. She has been able to identify several other children whose home environments were unhealthy. Those children are currently safe with relatives and they are thriving now. Amy is a gifted school counselor and everyone has benefitted.

Although we will greatly miss Amy here at the elementary school in the event that she moves on, I am happy to recommend her for a counseling position at the middle school. She is a conscientious employee with a passion for helping children with their problems and assisting teachers in their efforts to provide a superior education for their classes. I support Amy in her efforts to take her career to the next level. Please contact me if you have questions at (555)-555-5555 or via email at [email]


Carolyn Parker

Carolyn E. Parker, Ph.D.


Sandy Shores Elementary School