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Second Interview Letter

Receiving a second request for an interview is the next best thing to receiving a job appointment letter. A second interview letter signifies that a candidate is on the short list of the candidates being considered for a position. The tone of the letter is friendly and inviting. Its purpose is informational and to make a candidate feel good about being selected for the second interview round.

Format and Content:

The second interview letter format should start with a reminder of the first interview and progress into the reasons why the candidate is being selected for a second interview. The letter should include the date, time and location of the second interview, as well as the name or names of the interviewers. Telling the candidate what to expect during the second interview makes the entire process more productive. It helps to relieve the candidate’s anxiety and increases the likelihood the interviewers will walk away with the exact information sought.


This example is from the person who conducted the first interview with the candidate. He lets the job candidate know she has impressed him enough to dedicate the time of his managers for a second interview. The letter suggests the second interview will focus on her soft skills, in particular, how well she relates to and works with others. The second interview letter sample is between the general manager of a company and the interviewee, Ms. Nanci Brooks.

Dear Ms. Brooks,

I enjoyed meeting with you on July 25 to discuss your interest for the position of project coordinator. I feel your skills are a good match for this position. Because of this, I have selected you for a second round of interviews with the managers in our department. This second interview will provide us with more insights into your capabilities as well as your overall fit in the position and within our existing team.

We have scheduled your second interview for August 5, 2013, at our office building located at 39 Wayford Avenue, Davenport, Iowa, 32323. We have scheduled the appointment for 2:30 pm. You will be meeting with Mike Ellis, Cindy Kane, JoAnn Bosque, and Larry Wills. We expect this interview to take approximately 1 Ѕ to 2 hours.

While the first interview focused on your proven skills and abilities, this second interview will focus more on your soft skills. We are particularly interested in your ability to work productively with others, your communication skills, your problem solving abilities. Please be prepared to discuss the above in detail, including personal examples as they relate to each category.

Please call our office manager, Ms. Lindsay, at (555)-555-5555 to confirm this appointment. You may email her directly at [email] Ms. Lindsay will be happy to assist you with any questions, provide you with detailed directions, or reschedule your interview for a more convenient time if necessary. It is our intention to fill this position no later than August 7, 2013.

Thank you for your interest in our organization. We look forward to seeing you again on August 5.


Tony Matthews

Mr. Tony Matthews

General Manager

Steven’s International