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Student Appeal Letter

A student appeal letter can be written in a variety of scenarios from rejection of an initial application to dismissal of a student from college due to a serious infraction of college rules or regulations. When writing an appeal letter it is a good idea to try to get an appointment with the person or committee of persons who have the power or authority to respond to the appeal.

Format and Content

Students should refrain from blaming others for their problems and should take responsibility for their actions. A student appeal letter format should include any appeal forms required by the college. Students should clearly and concisely explain their situations and the reasons they believe college authorities should seriously consider their appeal letters.


The individual who is writing this student appeal letter sample has been dismissed from college for cheating on an exam; however, the student believes there has been a terrible misunderstanding that resulted in his dismissal. A student sitting behind him repeatedly whispered to him requesting help on the exam. When he told the student to leave him alone the professor noticed the two students talking and took their exams away, dismissed both students from class and reported them for cheating which resulted in both being dismissed from the college.

Dear Dr. Tucker,

My name is Craig Taylor, Student ID 852258, and I am writing to appeal my recent dismissal from ABC University for allegedly cheating on a midterm exam in my Psychology 1101 class. First of all, let me promise you that there was absolutely no cheating on my part. I tried to explain what happened to my professor, Dr. Eric Michaels, but he was quite angry and refused to hear me out.

I studied carefully for the midterm exam which was administered on October 8, and I was fully prepared for the test. Dennis White, who was seated directly behind me kept poking me in the back with his pencil and asking me to discreetly show him my test paper. I realize now that I should have simply raised my hand and asked Professor Michaels to come to my desk so that I could report Dennis’ behavior. Instead I shook my head and ignored him.

Dennis kept disturbing me and I finally became angry and turned around and told him to leave me alone. This action was noticed by Professor Michaels and he promptly removed our midterm test papers, instructed us to leave the classroom and reported us to administration at which time we were both dismissed from the college. I was refused an opportunity to explain my circumstances to anyone in a position of authority.

Dennis is very sorry to have caused this problem for me and has agreed to testify that he was asking for help on the test and that I refused to help him. I am asking that you and your council listen to Dennis White’s testimony and reconsider mydismissal. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration of this matter.


Craig Taylor

Craig Taylor