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Teacher Recommendation Letter

A teacher recommendation letter can be for any kind of teacher from public school to private school and from Bible school to ballet school. It is usually written by someone in a supervisory position but can be written by a parent as well or anyone familiar with the teacher’s work.


This sample teacher recommendation letter is for a teacher who is relocating because her husband’s employer transferred him to another state. She would like to find a teaching position in her new home town. The letter is written by a school board member whose child was in the teacher’s class.

Dear Principal:

It is my pleasure to recommend Laura Lynn as a teacher for your school. She is licensed and certified to teach kindergarten through third grade and I can promise you that she is a teacher of extraordinary talent and dedication. I have first-hand experience with Laura’s work in the classroom. I am not only a member of the local school board, but my son was in Laura’s second grade class last year. She is one of those teachers that a child grows up to remember for the rest of his life. She has that significant of an impact on her students and they learn and thrive in her classroom.

Laura sets high, but not unreasonable, standards for her students and then she gives them the tools to succeed. Students are motivated and intellectually stimulated in her classroom and her successful teaching techniques are reflected in her students standardized test scores. Laura has a gift for making her students think. She does not spoon feed them the information, but helps them understand how to figure things out for themselves. She has a passion for teaching and turns mistakes into teachable moments in her classroom. Her classes are never boring. She uses a plethora of methods to keep the children interested and engaged.

An insightful educator, Laura recognizes early on when a student is struggling in her class and she takes steps to give the student extra help before or after school, meets with parents to solicit help at home or recommends special testing and tutoring to get the student up to speed. She cares deeply about each child in her class and works hard to make sure no one is left behind. Laura returns tests and projects in a timely manner and makes sure parents are kept informed of their children’s progress. Laura understands that children learn in different ways and she strives to teach children in ways that help them comprehend and remember their lessons.

Our school system will miss Laura Lynn’s many teaching talents but she will be following her husband to Texas where his company has transferred him. I hope you will seriously consider hiring Laura to teach in your school. I am confident that you will be pleased with her abilities. Please feel free to contact me for further information at (555)-555-5555 or by email at [email]


Victoria Gage

Victoria G. Gage

ABC County School Board