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Thank You for your Appreciation Letter

Receiving an appreciation letter, whether from an employer, a pastor, a government official, a charitable organization or someone else, helps make all the hard work worthwhile, particularly for volunteers who do not receive paychecks. It is always nice to be able to personally thank the individual who sent the letter by stopping by his or her office; however sometimes that is not possible, and a thank you for your appreciation letter would be more important.

Format and Content

When it is virtually impossible to meet with an individual who wrote you an appreciation letter, writing a letter back to that person is an option. A thank you for your appreciation letter format should include the date the letter was received and a brief description of the event the appreciation letter referenced. It should be not much more than 250 words, because busy executives have a large number of documents to read each day.


This thank you for your appreciation letter sample is from a soldier who received a letter from his brigadier general. The soldier was recognized for showing courage in the line of duty by risking his life to rescue 3 fellow soldiers trapped during an ambush by enemy combatants in Iraq.

Dear General Armstrong,

Although I have not had the privilege of meeting you in person, I was extremely honored to receive your appreciation letter upon my return home following my stay at the Veteran’s Administration Medical Center in Atlanta, Georgia. You inquired about my progress after my return home, and I want to let you know that I am doing exceptionally well.

The fine physicians at the VA Medical Center were able to get all of the bullet shards out of my abdominal area. They did have to remove my spleen, but all other organs have healed completely from the effects of the 2 gunshot wounds. I have been in contact with my 3 fellow soldiers that I assisted following the attack by the Iraqi enemy combatants, and they seem to be on the mend as well.

I greatly appreciate the fact that you took time out of your very busy schedule to write a personal letter of appreciation to me for my actions in the line of duty in Iraq. I was very glad to be in the vicinity of the ambush and able to assist my fellow soldiers while they were under attack. It has been my honor and privilege to serve the United States of America in Iraq.

Thank you for the information on the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder support group that is in my area. I was not aware of the group. I have had some small issues related to PTSD, mostly in the form of night terrors. I have visited the group twice. They have been very helpful, and I plan to continue occasional visits. Thank you again for your kind words, concern and support.


David Jackson

Corporal David M. Jackson