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Thanksgiving Appreciation Letter to Staff

Thanksgiving is a time of year that many people in America, regardless of religious belief or affiliation, gather together to express thankfulness to the important people in their lives. This is an ideal time for a manager, director or company president to write a thanksgiving appreciation letter to the staff. The letter may be read aloud at a Thanksgiving office party, delivered to each staff member’s desk or emailed to everyone in the company.

Format and Content

A heartfelt thank you from the owner or president of a company is usually very meaningful to the staff. In today’s hectic business world of meetings, reports and project deadlines, many executives forget to thank the staff for hard work done every day. A thanksgiving appreciation letter to the staff format should include every department in the company. If the company is very small, it is possible to mention each person by name.


This particular Thanksgiving appreciation letter to the staff sample is from the owner of a small, independent printing company who, with just a staff of 10, has had an amazing year. He wants to thank the staff by having a Thanksgiving luncheon, reading the letter and giving everyone a copy.

Dear Staff,

I believe today, at our annual Thanksgiving luncheon, is an appropriate time for me to thank each and every one of you on the ABC Printing team for your important contribution to making this the best year in the company’s 15 year history. We upgraded our computer system, increased our sales by over 30%, and branched out from printing paper to producing CDs and PowerPoint presentations for clients. What a year!

There is no one person that I can single out as key to our successful year; therefore I want to thank each one of you individually and in no particular order. Sam Evans, our information systems guru, I would like to thank you for your progressive thinking in selling me on the installation and implementation of the new computer system, which has enabled us to greatly expand our product and service offerings to our clients. I would like to thank Mike Jenkins and Tom Jenkins, my nephews, who were my only employees 15 years ago when I started ABC, for sticking with me and being a couple of the most skilled printing press operators in the business.

Claire Jones and Erica Smith, I want to thank the 2 of you for some of the most innovative graphic design work I have ever seen. Our clients were blown away this year by your fabulous work. I am extremely thankful for Allen Foster coming to us straight out of college with video camera and still photography knowledge as well as video editing and PowerPoint expertise. This has enabled us to start a whole new line of business. Of course, our abilities would not matter if we did not have our excellent sales team of Joe Adamson and Debbie Matthews, who brought us a record number of new clients this year while maintaining all of our existing ones.

I cannot forget my other family members who put in so many hours. Thank you to my daughter, Sally Conner, who mans the phones, assists clients with orders, provides information to prospective clients and proofreads every word before it goes to press. Last but not least, thank you to my wonderful wife, Rebecca Jenkins, for doing everything else, billing, accounts payable, payroll, insurance, 401(k), compliance and human resources. After this year’s smashing success, I may be able to hire her some help.

Again, thank you all for the best year yet, and here’s to an even better 2014.

With Deep Gratitude,

Ed Jenkins

Ed Jenkins