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UCLA Appeal Letter

Admissions decisions at UCLA are rarely reversed because the initial application and supporting documentation receive extreme scrutiny by admissions officers. The circumstances under which a UCLA appeal letter will make a difference in the admissions office’s original decision have to be extraordinary.

Format and Content

A UCLA appeal letter format should get straight to the point with the reason the student believes the original admissions decision should be reversed. The student’s name, application number and date of rejection letter should be included in the appeal letter. It is important that the letter is sent to the appropriate individual in the Admission’s Department.


A student faced with extreme circumstances may have a chance of succeeding on an admissions appeal. This UCLA appeal letter sample is from a student who has documented proof that his high school transcripts were mixed up with those of another student with the same name. The other student had a considerably lower grade point average. The student is asking that his application be reprocessed with the correct high school transcripts.

Dear Ms. Reynolds,

I am writing to let you know that your office has confused my high school transcripts with those of another student with the same name resulting in the rejection of my application for admission to UCLA for the upcoming fall semester. When I received my rejection letter at my home this past Monday I noticed it was addressed to James C. Tyler instead of James E. Tyler. That was a red flag and I began investigating.

I graduated from high school with James C. Tyler and he actually lives in my neighborhood. I am not sure if my high school counselor confused the transcripts or if they were mixed up after they arrived at the UCLA Admissions Office. At any rate, the other James Tyler has a grade point average of 3.15 and I have a GPA of 3.85.

I contacted the UCLA Admissions Office and spoke with a representative named Jane Spencer. She confirmed that the GPA recorded for me was 3.15 instead of 3.85. In addition, I found out that the combined SAT score recorded for me was 1900 instead of my correct combined SAT score of 2200. Adding insult to injury, I have found out that the other James Tyler was accepted for admission to UCLA beginning this fall.

I implore you to reconsider my application due to these unusual and extenuating circumstances. I have completed another application which is attached along with my correct high school transcripts and my correct SAT scores. I am more than happy to come to your office and meet with you regarding this situation, and I hope you will get in touch with me very soon as I have other college offers, but UCLA is my first choice.


James Tyler

James E. Tyler