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Visa Application Letter

A visa application letter is used to facilitate the visa application process for a person traveling to another country for a specific purpose. The letter may be written by a company, a friend or a family member. A visa application letter may or may not be required, depending on the country the applicant is traveling to and the reasons for the travel.

Format and Content

Increase the likelihood a visa request will be granted by including detailed information about the planned trip. The business visa application letter format must include the name of the applicant and the sponsoring company; the purpose of the applicant’s travel; length of the stay and arrival and department dates; and a statement guaranteeing the applicant has the financial means needed for support during his or her stay and for return travel. The letter must be written on company letterhead by a company official other than the applicant.


This visa application letter sample is written by a high-ranking official in the sponsoring organization for an employee’s business travel to Brazil. The letter includes all of the necessary information, along with the name, title and contact information of the person the applicant plans to meet in Brazil. The letter includes the name, address and phone number of the hotel where the applicant will be staying while in Rio de Janeiro.

Dear Consulate General of Brazil,

This letter is to confirm that Mr. Jeffery Lions is the International Director of Foreign Business Development at Wayley Enterprises. Mr. Lions has been employed by Wayley Enterprises for the past 15 years. We are submitting Mr. Lion’s valid passport and the required visa application materials. This is the only planned trip Mr. Lions intends to make to Brazil during the validity of this visa.

Mr. Lions will be traveling to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the purpose of attending business meetings with Brazil Automation, located at RueVisconti de Porto Seguro 190, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 04626-000, phone number 55 21-6565-5555. He will be meeting with the President of the company, Carlos Santos, phone number 55 21-8888-9999. Mr. Lions will be staying at the Hotel Rio de Janeiro, located at Avenida Atlantica 5555, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 04626-000.

Mr. Lions intends to remain in Brazil for a total of 5 days. He will depart from the U.S. on August 10, 2013 and will arrive in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on August 10, 2013. He will depart from Brazil on August 14, 2013 and return to the U.S. Wayley Enterprises guarantees that Mr. Lions has the necessary funds in his possession for living accommodations and his return transportation to the U.S.

Wayley Enterprises guarantees that Mr. Lions will not become dependent upon the Brazilian government or require any technical assistance during his stay.We would greatly appreciate any help you can provide us in expediting this process. Thank you for your time, cooperation and assistance.


Kimberly Orozco

Ms. Kimberly Orozco

General Manager

Wayley Enterprises



Jeffery Lions Passport

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