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Volunteer Recommendation Letter

Some organizations require a volunteer recommendation letter before accepting volunteers into their organization. It may be that money will be handled or stringent rules followed to maintain a tax exempt status. Such a letter can be from anyone who can testify to the honesty, integrity and character of the volunteer.


This sample volunteer recommendation letter is from the chairperson of a local chapter of the American Heart Association. It is written to the current president of the local chapter of the American Cancer Society on behalf of an individual who is volunteering to serve as the treasurer or the organization.

Dear Ms. Whitney:

It is my honor to recommend one of the most dedicated volunteers to ever work with me at our local chapter of the American Heart Association. Caroline Ford has more energy and determination than anyone I have ever seen. We have raised record dollars since her involvement with AHA due to her unique and creative fundraising ideas. Right now Caroline is not holding an office with AHA but is serving as one of our busy “worker bees.” It is my belief that she has the multi-tasking talent it takes to also fill the vacant spot of treasurer at the local chapter of the American Cancer Society.

Caroline is the type who fulfills her commitments no matter what it takes. Even if she bites off a little more than she can chew, she presses on with dedication to do what she promised to do. There is no one I know who is more honest and trustworthy than Caroline. She has passed the background check required by the AHA and I am sure will have no dings on her record of volunteerism that will stop her from serving as your treasurer. She understands and adheres to proper accounting practices, compiles accurate financial reports and keeps excellent record of every transaction.

I have never worked with anyone who has the level of enthusiasm that Caroline possesses. Having lost family members to both heart disease and cancer, finding cures for these two diseases is extremely important to her. She is a tireless worker who is dependable and affable. Caroline is not afraid to change the game plan if a process is not working out. She is flexible and her goal is success for the chapter, whatever it takes. Caroline is committed to making our community a better place with the sacrifice of her time and efforts through local volunteerism. Put simply, she is just a person who cares.

Well-liked and respected by her peers, there are few people I have enjoyed working with more than Caroline. I am confident you would be happy with her work.I am happy to recommend Caroline Ford as a volunteer for our local American Cancer Society and believe she will make an excellent treasurer. If you would like to discuss my experiences volunteering with Caroline, please contact me at (555)-555-5555 or email me at [email]


Harry Jones

Harry Jones


ABC County Chapter

American Heart Association