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Withdraw Application Letter

The job search process often involves interviews with several different hiring companies. Hopefully, one of the interviews will lead to employment. When this happens, you will need to let the other prospective employers know you are no longer in the job market. A withdraw application letter is the professional way to notify hiring managers that you no longer wish to be considered for the opportunity within their organization. The letter is only necessary if you have interviewed with the company and believe you are being seriously considered for the open position.

Format and Content

Begin the letter by expressing your appreciation for the time and consideration given during your interview. Keep the letter focused on the positive only. It is never a good idea to burn bridges; the hiring manager you turn down today might be the same manager you encounter for a job you really want in the future. Never state you have decided to take a “better job” or that you no longer wish to work for the company due to negative factors you discovered during the interview process. Thewithdraw application letter format is generally short and straight to the point. Address the letterto the person or persons who conducted your interview.


Thiswithdraw application letter sample is being sent by an applicant who accepted a job offer from another organization. She begins by thanking the hiring manager for his time and consideration before informing him that she wishes to withdraw her name from consideration. She is polite and sincere. She informs the manager she has accepted another position but she refrains from making a comparison between the one she accepted and the one offered by the company in the letter. She ends the letter on a positive note and expresses her gratitude to both the hiring manager and his staff.

Dear Mr. Sage,

I would like to thank you for considering me for the position of Marketing Manager at Hill and Associates and for the time you set aside to meet with me last week. I truly enjoyed meeting you and your marketing team. I was impressed by the long and short-term goals of your company and the manner in which leadership treats employees. However, with some regret, I would like to withdraw my application for this position.

As I indicated during our interview, I was exploring several opportunities. Earlier this week another organization offered me a position, and after much consideration, I decided to accept the job offer. I made the decision based on my current situation, the timing of the offer, and my career goals.

Again, thank you for the time you devoted to me during our interview. You have an amazing marketing staff and I enjoyed the time I spent with them during the interview process. Hopefully, our paths will cross again at some point in the future. I wish you and your organization the best.


Heather Harcrow

Ms. Heather Harcrow