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Persuasive Letter

Writing a persuasive letter may seem like a difficult task; you may feel that being persuasive is an art form, and that you cannot accomplish the task. In truth, you don’t have to be a professional writer or wordsmith to craft a persuasive letter; all that is necessary is that you follow a few rules (especially in advertising or promotion) and read your words as if you were the recipient, deciding on how your letter would impact you if you were the customer or client rather than the writer.

The tips and guidelines below will help you write a persuasive letter that is effective and gets the results you desire.

1. Think from the reader’s perspective. Consider the problems or needs of the reader, and write in a way that plays on their needs and offers an enticing solution.

2. Focus your letter on a specific problem. While your reader may have several problems/needs, there is usually one that is larger than the rest. Focus your persuasive letter on solving one huge need.

3. Include an attention-grabbing headline or introduction. In order for the recipient to read your letter, it is essential that you capture their interest and attention right from the beginning.

4. Emphasize their problem and your solution numerous times. Throughout your letter, repeat the problem and your solution; convince the reader that your solution is the only real answer to their problem, leaving them no room to doubt you.

Sample persuasive letter

Company or business letterhead

Recipient’s name


City, State, Zip


Subject: Compelling offer – make it as enticing as possible

In your introductory paragraph, start off right away by capturing the reader’s attention. Something such as “Before you chuck this in to the trash” or “I know you think this is just another sales letter, but a few seconds of your time will change your mind”.

The main body of your persuasive letter should appeal to the problem or need of the reader. Let them know you feel their pain or their need; describe the symptoms of the problem they are having, and let them know how your product/solution is superior by far to others they may have tried or seen.

List the benefits of your solution, asking questions the reader would have then providing the answer. It’s best if you can come up with questions that cannot be answered with a simple “yes” or “no” answer. Use persuasive language in your letter; words such as “discover” are much more enticing than “find out”.

Toward the end of your persuasive letter, add an element of scarcity. Demonstrate that your special is only good for the next 24 hours, that there are only so many of the product left, etc. Tell the reader the time for a solution is now, and that they should buy immediately.

Thank the recipient, and reiterate how important it is that they make a decision right now.

Your name

Sign your name above the typed signature to add a personal touch to your letter.

You can see that writing a persuasive letter requires some thinking, but it isn’t a difficult task. Read a few that others have written, and think in a critical manner, putting yourself in the shoes of the reader.