Great Sample Resume

Proposal Letter

Dear (Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss) followed by last name,

In the introductory paragraph, express your pleasure in becoming associated with the business/institute. Go on to explain that you are pleased to present the proposal, and how you believe partnering with the recipient’s company/organization will prove beneficial to both parties.

The main body of your proposal letter should briefly detail specifically what your company does and the results of your efforts. Explain how the recipient’s participation will further those results, and how it will benefit their company/organization as well.

Let the recipient know that you are including the entire proposal along with your letter, and any feedback you have had in previous years from other companies you have partnered with. This will help further demonstrate the results so that the recipient can see how advantageous your proposal is to their company.

In closing, thank the recipient for their time and consideration, and include the details of where you can be reached should they have further questions concerning your proposal.


Your name

As you can see, writing a proposal letter is not all that difficult. Take time to gather your thoughts, keep your letter positive and upbeat, and you will be able to draft a proposal letter that is professional in appearance and gets the results you desire.