Great Sample Resume

Recommendation Letter

Dear (Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms.) followed by last name,

In the first sentence or two of your recommendation letter, explain your reason for writing. Tell the recipient that this is your personal recommendation of (requesters name), and briefly explain your relationship with the individual you are recommending.

The main body of your letter should describe the requester’s skills and qualifications, along with examples of how they have used these skills in past employment. Mention any special achievements or accomplishments, and describe any characteristics or traits that make the individual a good candidate for the job, such as good communication or people skills.

In the closing paragraph, recommend the requester for the job, and express how you feel that he/she would be an asset to the company.


Your name

Title (if applicable)

Sign your name above the typed signature. If you are a former employer, explain this is your recommendation letter and type it on company letterhead. Once you have completed the letter, mail it or give it to the requester in a timely manner.