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Personal Reference Letter

Personal reference letters can be written by friends, co-workers, ministers, neighbors, supervisors or almost anyone else. They are usually written on behalf of individuals seeking jobs or promotions. Most organizations requesting personal reference letters will not accept them from relatives of applicants. They tend to prefer letters from unrelated individuals.


This is a sample personal reference letter from a friend of an individual who has a degree in graphic design, but left the workforce to be a stay-at-home mom. She is now wishing to return to work and is seeking a job with an interior design company that employs graphic designers.

Dear Employer:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Allison Ziegler who has been a close friend and neighbor for the last 10 years. Allison has a degree in graphic design from the Art Institute where she graduated with honors 15 years ago. She worked for ABC Design Firm for 5 years, but resigned shortly before her first child was born. It was at this time that she and her husband moved next door to me. Allison currently has a total of three children and they are all in elementary school; therefore she is seeking to return to the workforce in the field of graphic design.

I have had the privilege of serving with Allison on numerous occasions where we have worked together to organize events and activities in our children’s schools, the neighborhood and church. I have found Allison to be extremely organized and efficient with excellent people skills. She is an energetic and enthusiastic person who can be counted on to follow through on her commitments. She also has excellent leadership skills with the ability to identify talent in others, assemble a team to achieve a specific purpose and keep everyone motivated and focused on a common goal.

Allison served a term as the president of our neighborhood homeowner’s association. She proved to be a hard working president with creative ideas that improved our neighborhood. During her year as president she helped draw up the plans and oversaw the renovation of our clubhouse and pool area. She saved the association money by installing more energy efficient lighting at our entrance and clubhouse area and organized a collection of Christmas gifts for a family in the community that suffered a job loss.

I worked with Allison on the local elementary school’s Parent Teacher Association Activities Committee. She organized a highly successful Fall Festival and Silent Auction. Everything was donated by area businesses and the event was so successful and well-publicized that we raised enough money to purchase all new state-of-the-art computer terminals for the school’s computer lab. In addition, Allison has used her artistic talent to paint murals at school, at church and in our neighborhood clubhouse.

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Allison Ziegler for the position of graphic designer at your firm. Her artistic abilities, organizational skills and dedication would be an asset to any company.


Beth Foster

Beth Foster

President, Lake Shore Homeowners’ Association