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Scholarship Thank You Letter

Dear (try to use individual’s name if possible, otherwise address it to the organization),

In the introductory paragraph of your scholarship thank you letter, describe a bit about yourself, your goals and what your plans for the future are. Mention that you are honored that you were chosen for the scholarship, and how it may impact your future.

Briefly discuss your studies at the college/university you are attending or plan to attend, relating the degree you hope to obtain and how with the help of the scholarship you may be able to achieve your dreams. Also mention other details such as you are the first in your family to be able to attend college or other similar circumstances.

In closing, reiterate your appreciation and thank the company/organization once again for their help in making your goals easier to reach.


Your name

Sign your name above your typed signature. Always send your scholarship thank you letter as quickly as possible, so that the recipient doesn’t get the impression that you sent it as an after thought. Writing a scholarship thank you letter is a courtesy that should be extended; you can build a relationship with the donor, which may prove to be useful in the future.