Great Sample Resume

Sponsorship Letter

Dear (Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms.) followed by last name,

Introduce yourself in the first sentence, explain who you are and the organization you are with. In a brief sentence, describe your organization with details including where you are based, how many years, etc.

In the main body of your sponsorship letter, offer details such as how long your group or organization has been formed, accomplishments or achievements, membership growth, awards and other notable successes. Describe your organizations connection to the local community or surrounding communities.

Also explain the expenses involved in running the organization, and how you rely solely on fundraising events and donations from companies, individuals and organizations to sustain your group.

Explain how the donation of products/money will go to use in your organization, the specific reason for your request. Also go on to explain how those companies that donate the most would receive recognition at the event or in the media.

Inform the recipient that there is a sponsorship form enclosed, and express your sincere thanks for their time and consideration. Remember to include a fax number or address so that the sponsorship form can be returned to you.


Your name

Sign your letter by hand above your typed signature. Always use simple fonts that are easy to read, and leave plenty of white space around the border of your letter for a professional, clean look. Writing a sponsorship letter may seem intimidating, but by following the guidelines above it will be much simpler.