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Job Abandonment Termination Letter

Employees who fail to report to work as scheduled threaten the productivity of a department or the entire organization. In some companies, absentee employees are fired after the first unexcused absence while the absentee policy is more lenient in others. A job abandonment termination letter is the professional way to end the relationship between the company and the employee who is unwilling to function in a position.

Format and Content

The letter is written by the owner of the company, the employee’s manager, or a member of the HR department. The content of the letter should consist of factual information only. It should include information related to the employee’s last paycheck and a statement about COBRA eligibility. The job abandonment termination letter format begins with the termination statement and the date of termination followed by the evidence compiled by the organization.


The employee addressed in this job abandonment termination letter sample has failed to report to work for a period of one week. Therefore, the letter is being sent by certified mail to the address the employer has on file. In the last paragraph, the employee is informed he may appeal the decision under a specific set of circumstances.

Dear Mr. Tobias:

This letter is to inform you that as of August 5, 2013 your employment with Global Sales Services Inc. is being terminated for cause. Mr. London, your supervising manager, reports you have not reported to work for 5 days, nor have you called to explain your absence. On August 2, August 3, and August 4, Mr. London tried to reach you at the contact number contained in your employee file with no success. Due to the above, we have determined that you have abandoned your position with our organization.

Please contact me at (555)-555-5555 to arrange for the return of all company property. Our records indicate that you are in possession of a company cell phone, a company laptop, and a company credit card. If these items are not returned within seven (7) days of letter receipt, we will consider them stolen property and we will seek a legal remedy. In addition, we expect you to return your employee identification badge and any company-owned documentation you have in your possession.

Under company policy, you are not entitled to receive a severance package. During the next week you will receive a package by mail that will detail your eligibility to continue your healthcare coverage under COBRA. Your final paycheck will include payment for unused and accrued PTO days. You will receive another package in the mail explaining the handling and status of any other benefits you may be due. If you have any questions,please refer to the contact numbers listed within the information packages.

We realize that under unique and rare circumstances an employee may not be able to report to work or to notify management. If you feel you fall into this category you are welcome to file a letter of appeal with the human resources office. Be advised you must provide documented evidence from a trusted and reliable source, such as medical records from a hospital accompanied by the testimony of a physician.


Bridget Todd

Ms. Bridget Todd

HR Manager