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Job Interview Thank You Letter

A job interview thank you letter is written for the purpose of thanking the interviewer for his or her time and reiterating the job applicant’s desire for employment with the company. It may also serve to address any unanswered questions from the interview and further emphasize the applicant’s specific talents.


This is a sample job interview thank you letter for a wildlife photographer who interviewed with a cable television network for an upcoming year-long project. The job assignment will involve taking action photos of animals along coastal areas, on islands uninhabited by humans and potentially dangerous undersea photography of marine life.

Dear Dr. Lindsey:

I want to sincerely thank you and your associates for taking time out of your extremely busy schedules to interview me for the wildlife photographer position that is available on your upcoming assignment. I am tremendously excited about the possibility of taking an active role on the team you are assembling to study the marine and wild life along the coast of South Africa and the nearby islands. I believe I am uniquely qualified for this position with my dual degrees in journalistic photography and wildlife biology as well as my past experience photographing animals in the wild and using an underwater camera to document the behavior and habitats of marine life.

As we discussed in the interview, my diver’s certification will have expired when this assignment starts; however I have already begun the renewal process. I assure you that I will have a valid diver certification when this project begins. Although the scope of this assignment is larger than any I have undertaken thus far, I am supremely confident that I will be prepared and able to handle all aspects of the job.

I believe my experience diving and photographing nurse sharks and my time spent submerged in a cage among tiger sharks has helped prepare me for the portion of your assignment that deals with the Great White Shark and their feeding habits off the coast of South Africa. Additionally, I do have the one trip to Seal Island to my credit and the time I spent researching and documenting the first 3 months of baby seals’ lives. I believe the fact that I have already worked on Seal Island gives me an edge over some other photographers.

I have verified that my current job assignment in Madagascar will wrap up 2 weeks prior to the start of your project in South Africa. I am happy to either stay in Madagascar and wait for the arrival of the rest of your team or go on to South Africa and begin any preliminary work that may help to get a jump on the South Africa project. Should you have further questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me at the email address or any of the numbers provided on my resume. I hope to have the honor and privilege of working with your talented team on this amazing project.


Abigail Kelly

Abigail Kelly