Professional Attendant Resume Examples for Every Job Level

Over the next decade, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 10 percent increase in the number of available attendant jobs. Flight attendants spend most of their time in transit between destinations, exotic and domestic. They provide personable, friendly service as well as guide passengers to safety during times of emergency. To gain a toehold in this fast-growing field, you’ll need to craft a winning resume. We have attendant resume examples to show you how. Resumes allow you to describe any related experience and skills. They also give hiring managers a sense of your attitude towards passengers and ability to handle a crisis.

Attendant resumes are different from resumes in other industries. As such, there are specific keywords and writing tips in this article to help your resume get noticed.

While you look through our job-winning attendant resume examples, take note of how each uses the summary section to full advantage.

Attendant Resume Examples by Job Title