Professional Chef Resume Examples for Every Job Level

Consistently creating great food in a high-paced environment is no guarantee you’ll land a chef position. Although the number of available chef jobs is expected to grow by nine percent over the next decade, which is faster than average, you can’t be complacent about getting hired. As with other industries, you’ll need a great resume. A resume advertises your particular brand of skills and experiences to hiring managers. Inundated with resumes, managers don’t give each resume much more than a quick glance. To learn how to make yours stand out, take a look at our chef resume examples.

The examples include industry-approved formatting and use chef-specific keywords in the experiences, summary and highlights sections. Using this information should lead you on your way to writing attention-grabbing, job-landing resumes.

As you look through our chef resume examples, pay special attention to how others describe their work experience and creatively sprinkle in keywords.

Chef Resume Examples by Job Title