Professional Secretary Resume Examples for Every Job Level

If you watch enough old movies, you’ll see the quintessential 1950s-era secretary who answers the phone, fetches coffee and greets visitors to the boss. Needless to say, that outdated stereotype no longer applies as professional secretaries manage many job responsibilities and serve as an important liaison between management, customers and colleagues.

Depending on the hiring company, a secretary may need special skills which are usually found in the job posting. Fortunately, our secretary resume examples and templates cover a variety of job levels. For example, a secretary for a large company’s CEO might need more extensive phone system or computer skills, while a secretary at a small business may need to multi-task and wear many hats at once.

Let us show you how to write a secretary resume to get the job you want. We have included helpful writing tips and specific keywords to ensure that your resume stands out from the competition.

Secretary Resume Examples by Job Title