Professional Travel and Tourism Resume Examples for Every Job Level

Let’s face it, everyone loves a vacation! In fact, there is a billion-dollar industry built around helping people see the world. Travel and tourism can be a great career if you love to travel, learn about new cultures, and enjoy the unique experiences that a location has to offer. Careers in this field include everything from ticketing agents to tour guides.

Our travel and tourism resume examples and templates have writing tips and ideas to help you get the position you want. We’ve also included standard keywords and action verbs that are specific to the travel and tourism industry to help make your resume as detailed and effective as possible.

Depending on the company where you’re applying, your base of operations could be a resort, hotel, or an office in a beautiful tourist destination. Use your resume to emphasize your love of travel, knowledge about specific places, and enthusiasm for meeting new people.

Travel and Tourism Resume Examples by Job Title