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When applying for a technical position such as Software Engineer, write your CV in ways that will show off your expertise and knowledge in software engineering such as deep familiarity with DBMS (oracle, MS SQL), application frameworks (spring framework) expertise in using message queues (ActiveMQ or Amazon SQS) and in-depth understanding of Asynchronous programming. Writing down these skills gives you an edge over other aspirants since these are what employers usually look for from applicants. Including a personal profile in your Software Engineer CV that highlights what you can give to the company is also a plus. A personal profile gives the employer an idea on what you can offer them. Now is the time to sell yourself by listing down all your work knowledge and competencies. A sample CV of a Software Engineer is written below.

Harding Jensen
Ap #193-4889 Elit, Avenue,Dover KentPN3Q 9NK

Tel: 34 722 571 Email: [email]

Date of Birth: 18th March, 1989

As a Software Engineer, my primary objective is to ensure that the company gets the best and robust software applications to support its business needs. Part of this objective is to develop high-performance applications, web interfaces and test frameworks. In addition, I will also create appropriate technical solutions to avoid day-to-day interruptions. I will also enhance and develop existing software applications that the company already has to maximize time, money and resources. Using my skills in XML, OO Design, jQuery&Javascript, SOAP, XSLT, Relational Database Design and other related technologies, I am confident that my objectives for the company will be realized.
BEng (Hons) in Computer Engineering

Dundee University – Dundee

A Level in Economics, Maths, Chemistry and Biology

Kendal College – Kendal

  • Sound experience in programming on Java scripts
  • Immense knowledge of various web standards and browsers
  • Excellent knowledge of XL and related technologies
  • Ability to coordinate with designers, developers and marketers
  • Ability to develop software on asynchronous programs
  • Familiarity of OO design and relational database designs
Software Engineer

Exposed Solutions Ltd – Newington

January 2013 to Till Date

  • Coordinated with fellow engineers and shared software knowledge.
  • Developed and revised software as per client requirement.
  • Administered the international databases and developed appropriate applications.
  • Evaluated codes for all software and ensured accuracy.
  • Designed various desktop and mobile applications with help of instruments.
  • Validated new products and provided enhancements to existing software.
Software Engineer

CA Technologies – Slough

January 2011 to December 2012

  • Maintained high performance applications for all software requirements.
  • Designed efficient web interfaces for all clients.
  • Prepared and documented integrated tests for software framework.
  • Coordinated with product manager and provided effective technical solutions for all issues.
  • Assisted parties and monitored production on intermediate environment.
  • Ensured compliance to all software engineering processes.
Exposed Solutions Ltd

Ryan Murphy, SeniorSoftware Engineer

721-4349 Cursus Avenue, North Berwick

East Lothian, AD9 6BM


Mobile – 07481 143 837

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