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Who says photographers need not submit a CV when applying for a job? Of course, they still do. Just like any other position, a curriculum vitae form part of any application letter. So how should a Photographer CV be written? There are several CV templates that you can follow. However, the one below is best. You can start with a career aim section. Discuss here your objectives and goals as a photographer. Answer the questions what can you offer to the company, why should they hire you, and what is your edge over other applicants? Use these key questions as guides in formulating your career aim. Let us take a look at the sample CV of a photographer below.

Ezekiel Osborn
Ap #419-2547 Amet Avenue Hamilton Lanarkshire WT2 2ZNZIP1
Tel: 01226 629503 Email: [email]
Date of Birth: May 27th, 19941
My career aim is to produce exceptional, quality and unique photos that will be forever treasured by my clients. Using my outstanding skills in capturing impromptu moments with sharpness and clarity, plus my ability to make images appear vivid and lively, I aim to become one of the most sought after photographer in the whole world. My two years experience has exposed me to different photography techniques. I have had a wide array of subjects; people of famous background as well as historical places. I have produced quality photos for web catalogues and promotional literatures. In addition, I am very adept in using an extensive range of photography equipments. With this said, I am confident that this objective is achievable.
A Levels in Photography, Computing
South Downs College – Hampshire
20010 – 20012
8 GCSEs in Art, English Language
Royal School Hampstead – Hampstead
2005 – 2010
Substantial experience in monitoring all photography equipments
Immense knowledge of Adobe creative applications
Excellent knowledge of performing social and commercial photography
Ability to maintain record of all photography activities
Ability to communicate with customers efficiently
Solid understanding of various photography and video equipments
360 Resourcing Solutions – Radnorshire
2013 – Current
  • Developed high quality images for a variety of products and designed catalogues.
  • Coordinated with clients and analyzed their image requirements.
  • Communicated with all subjects and assisted to put them at ease before shooting.
  • Assisted to arrange all life objects and backgrounds as per requirement.
  • Developed portfolio and maintained a network of contacts for assignments,
  • Maintained expert knowledge on all photography software.
The Picture Company – Stirlingshire
2012 – 2013
  • Prepared presentations as per required photographic sequences for projects.
  • Evaluated subject material and assembled all equipments for photography project.
  • Arranged all subject material and assisted to take photos.
  • Participated in various education projects and maintained a network of photographers.
  • Maintained library of photographs and used database as per client requirement.
  • Maintained photographs and ensured optimal quality for all projects.
Bagshaw & Hardy ltd
Emerson Holder, Digital Photographer
714-7198 Aliquam Av., Lanark
Midlothian, M2 8IQ
Mobile: 07162 582748

Photographer CV
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