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A programmer is a person who writes instructions for computer systems to refer to when performing a given action. As programming tasks become increasingly sophisticated, additional levels of skill and experience are demanded by employers. Graduates having knowledge or experience working with several programming languages and tools can find number of opportunities. Demand fluctuates with employers’ needs and jobseekers should keep up to date with the latest skills and technologies. Programmers will have to keep abreast of changing programming languages and techniques. To stand ahead in such a competitive situation, a programmer must have outstanding skills. To gain interview calls a programmer must frame a perfect resume mentioning skills and abilities. Hope this section provides you with the useful information that can help you land in your desired programming job.

Duties and Responsibilities

A programmer develops a quality code by taking functional specifications and project specifications as input. Programmers may specialize in one area or may write instructions for a wide range of systems or programs. Programmers write, test, and maintain the detailed instructions called programs, which computers must follow to perform their functions. The typical job of a programmer is to develop logical series of instructions that the computer can follow; to code these instructions in a conventional programming language; to test a program by running it to ensure that the instructions are correct and that the program produces the desired outcome; to fix problems throughout the life of a program. Sometimes computer programmers also update, rework, modify on enhancement of existing programs or code.

Programmer Resume Tips, Template and Sample

There are many employment opportunities for programmers who keep up with the current technologies and programming languages. Employers look for people with the necessary programming skills who can think logically and pay close attention to detail. Entry level programmers with prominent skills also find many opportunities. Programmers must continuously update their knowledge and skills by taking courses. To capture the employer’s attention you need to have a striking resume. Here are some tips on how to write a programmers resume that can give you a clear idea of writing your own programmer resume.

How to Write a Programmer Resume

Resume writing is a difficult task for many job seekers. Analyze several resume examples to have a good idea of the resume formats that are being in use to get into the desired job. A programmer resume must grab the employer’s attention quickly by providing the right mix of necessary information with something that makes that person stand out from the other jobseekers. Construct a skill based resume highlighting the skills, knowledge and achievement related to programming.

The content in your resume plays an important role. So gather the information which you feel is necessary in your resume and organize it in your resume. Programming is a technical job. There can be in-depth technology descriptions that a HR is unlikely to understand. So mention your skills and abilities in short and clear sentences using keywords and action verbs. Most of the recruiters depend on the keyword matching process to select the jobseeker for interview. Include the technologies you are familiar with but make sure it’s readable and understandable even by a non technical person.

List your academic background, certifications and achievements. Certification demonstrates a level of competence, and may provide a jobseeker with a competitive advantage. Don’t exaggerate experience. If you want to mention a technology you have worked with in your professional summary then also include the duration time you spent working on it. Do not mention the irrelevant experience. Your resume must give the recruiter a clear idea of who the jobseeker is and what he or she wants and what are the abilities and achievements.

Your resume must not only involve good template but it should contain outstanding information about you. Mention your programming skills, troubleshooting skills and your ability to learn fast and absorb new technologies and make your resume a unique one. Identify what the employers are looking for and include them in your resume. The best resume should utilize formal fonts, colors and layout. Always proofread the content of your resume to eliminate the spelling and grammatical errors.

Programmer Resume Template

Here we provide you with a programmer resume template to help you as a start in writing your own resume. Entry level programmers should emphasize on skills and certification section. List your volunteer experiences in professional experience section. Edit the template according to your job profile and come up with a good resume.

Contact Details:

This should be the top section of your resume. Mention your full name, current address, phone number and email address.


Mention your job objective clearly and correctly in three lines. Include the skills as keywords in your job objective for which the employers are looking for.

Areas of Expertise:

List your technical proficiencies, with defined levels of expertise. Mention about your abilities and your performances to convince the employer to go further reading your resume.

Professional Experience:

Specify the name and place of your previous organizations, dates of working, and the position held. Mention the responsibilities in short bulleted sentences. Mention the experience that includes the technology for which you are applying. Your experience must highlight the skills for which the employer is looking for.


Mention your education details in reverse chronological order. Specify the academic degree attained, university name and the year of passing in this section.

Certifications and Achievements:

Include if any training, certifications or awards received. Also include membership details if you are a part of any organization.

Sample programmer Resume

Here you can find the sample software programmer resume that can give you much clear idea of writing your own programmer resume. Edit this sample according your skills, abilities and experience and frame a perfect resume that can land you in your dream job.

Pablo Parker

1234 Main Court

Santa Cruz, CA, 95060


Objective: Seeking the position of a senior software programmer where my expertise in programming languages like C, Java, MYSQL and HTML can be widely utilized for the progress of the company.

Areas of Expertise:

Proficient in using programming languages like Perl, C, C++, English, HTML, CGI, Unix, OS/2, MS-DOS, Java, JavaScript, SQL

Operating System : Windows, Vista, DOS, Linux, UNIX

More than 5 years of experience in utilizing technologies like Java, .Net, MYSQL and HTML

In-depth knowledge of software and current technologies

Can deliver output in less time without losing efficiency


Highly skilled in customer service

Ability to manage and motivate the team

Professional Experience:

Senior Programmer, from 2007 to till date

Abacus Data Systems, Inc., CA

Environment: Java and MYSQL


Dealt with the customers and analyzed their demand and then designed, created and developed various out outlays.

Developed several applications for the web by using Java programming languages.

Pulled practical mode onto the software based projects.

Designed and managed database by using Java tools.

Designed and built the frames based on java.

Developed flexible, browser-based tools and software.

Jr. Software Programmer, from 2005 to 2007

Advanced Pc Consulting, CA

Environment: .Net and HTML


Created and developed the outlays, designs and drawings for the customers as per their demand.

Converted the authentic analysis based literature in the hard disk.

Checked and ensured the product’s production under guidelines of ISO

Maintained, integrated and developed database applications.

Maintained and supported existing applications on a daily basis.

Built and generated reports using Crystal Reports.

Computerized the whole accounting department of the organization.

Analyst, from 2003 to 2005

Acucorp Inc., CA


Analyzed and supported client server architecture.

Maintained and created system documentation as part of the project process.

Checked and ensured the product’s production under guidelines of ISO


M.S. Information Technology, March 2003

University of California

B.S. Information Technology, March 2001

University of California


Sun Certified Java Programmer

Microsoft Visual Studio Certification

Kenneth Jones

6901 West Main 26 Street,

North Cleveland,

TX, 77327



Objective To utilize my 9 years’ experience in various areas of systems analysis and software development including mainframe programming, automation, time tracking systems and digitizing.


MS Computer Science, 2003

Cornell University

BS Computer Programming, 1999

Cornell University


  • Pascal , Web Site Promotion, Virtual WebTrends
  • FrontPage, GIF Animator , Netscape Communicator
  • HTML, JavaScript, Photoshop, COBOL, REXX
  • HP Deskscan, Microsoft Windows 95, Telnet
  • Networking: LAN/WAN, VPN
  • Applications: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook

Professional Experience:

  • Lead Programmer, 2007-present
  • The Haartz Corp., Cleveland, TX


  • Developed a mainframe software application for health care members.
  • Created an automated phone menu system for easy retrieval of users’ information.
  • Utilized Perl, UNIX, and JAVA application in facilitating health care information.
  • Implemented device interface technologies for networked franchise management systems.
  • Systems Analyst, 2005-2007
  • Haber, Inc, North Cleveland, TX


  • Supported the Health Plan’s website promotions using HTML and MS Front Page.
  • Designed and changed software by modifying existing mainframe environment.
  • Developed automated enrollment software for quick submission of customers’ personal data.
  • Computer Lab Programmer, 2003-2005
  • Habasit America, North Cleveland, TX


  • Developed a mainframe software application for health care members.
  • Created an automated phone menu system for easy retrieval of users’ information.
  • Utilized Perl, UNIX, and JAVA application in facilitating health care information.
  • Implemented device interface technologies for networked franchise management systems.
  • Systems Analyst, 2005-2007
  • Haber, Inc, North Cleveland, TX

Certifications and Affiliations

Certification in Integration Technology

Association of Computer and Web Experts

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