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In many ways, people believe that serving as an assistant principal is more difficult than serving as a full principal. Just as in a vice-president situation, the assistant principal needs to be able to step into the head job at a moment’s notice. In addition, there are a number of additional administrative and communications-related duties that this position needs to perform. Because of this, an undergraduate degree is highly desired, with most candidates possessing master’s degrees.

Your assistant principal resume should focus heavily on education and professional skills at first, evolving during your career to shift toward an increase in experience. Three different assistant principal resume format options are provided below, with each one changing its focus slightly to make sure that the relative level of experience each candidate possesses gets properly emphasized.

Entry-Level Resume

Most assistant principal candidates move into this position from another teaching or school administration career. It is good to emphasize the skills you learned in this position along with any other relevant skills your education may have left with. Marjorie Jamesgate, the candidate in the assistant principal resume example provided below, has served as a teacher but has devoted most of her time to the pursuit of a master’s degree which will greatly aid her in this field.

Sample #1

Marjorie Jamesgate
13 Keblin Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46801
Mobile: 260-811-9523


Highly motivated and organized candidate seeking an assistant principal position which will allow for communication with faculty and students, improvement of existing curriculum, and input into administrative policy.

Highly motivated and energetic
Intricate knowledge of administrative procedures
Strong teaching and communication abilities
Able to operate effectively as part of a team
Strong talent for finding unconventional solutions to imposing problems


Master of Science in Education, May 2013
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
Graduated with a GPA of 3.7 on a 4.0 scale

Courses Included

Education Policy and Management
International Education
School Counseling

Human Development and Psychology
Language and Literacy
Technology in Education

Principles of Classroom Management
Technology in the Classroom
Brain Development in Learning

Child Development
Educational Philosophies
Counseling and Psychology

Sample #2

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Competent administrator
  • Management ability
  • Curriculum development
  • Logical and critical thinking
  • Ability to solve the problem quickly and efficiently
  • Excellent leadership and effective management skills.

Professional Experience:

Aquinas High School, New York
High School Teacher, May 2005 to till date


Handled mathematics classes for classes’ 10th, 11th and 12th grade.
Assisted the principal of the school in various activities.
Monitored academic performance of students and offered guidelines to individual students.
Conferred with Student’s to discuss attendance issues.


New York University, March 2005
M.A Education Administration

Achievements and Honors:

Member of National Association of Elementary School Administrators.
Participated in success for all literacy training program.
Attended ‘writer’s workshop’.
Delivered speech on professional growth ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective Students’.

Mid-Level Professional Resume

You will usually find it much easier to get an assistant principal job if you already have experience in this field. When creating a resume at this stage of your career, don’t delve into work history until you have introduced who you are as a person. The assistant principal resume sample provided here, for example, introduces Marion Smith’s professional goals before exploring her past work experience.

Phone: (260) 414-5234 | [email]
191 Addison Road | Fort Wayne, IN 46801

Experienced Assistant Principal

Highly motivated, energetic, and skilled in both communication and school administration.

Strong student-focused leadership abilities.
Proven track record of success.
Deep commitment to the development of students, staff members, and the district as a whole.
Well-versed in interdisciplinary collaboration.
Trustworthy professional with demonstrated ability to form deep and lasting relationships.


Assistant Principal, 8/2012 to Present

Provide superb leadership to a staff that oversees a student body of 700 learners. Coordinate scheduling, track learning goals, and ensure that school goals are met across the board. Communicate with students, parents, and school administration on a routine basis. Key outcomes include:


University of Indiana, Bloomington, IN
Master of Science in Education, 5/2010

University of Indiana, Bloomington, IN
Bachelor of Science in Education, 5/2008

Experienced Professional Resume

Candidates who have been in the field for a long time might have a strong existing reputation in educational circles, but you should still make sure your assistant principal resume is as high in quality as possible in case your potential employer has heard conflicting reports about your effectiveness. Justin Dow, the individual in the assistant principal sample resume below, uses his resume as an opportunity to introduce himself to individuals who may not otherwise know him professionally.

Justin Dow
9 Goff Street | Fort Wayne, IN 46801
Home: 260.252.4651 | Cell: 260.235.2329


Overtly student-focused educational leader with a strong commitment to student diversity and effective educational values. Dynamic leader and excellent team player. Dedicated to delivering a safe, inclusive, and effective learning environment for students. Trustworthy and willing to coordinate with all students, counselors, and school administrators to ensure that goals are successfully met.

Core Knowledge and Skills
Curriculum development
Performance standards
Mentoring and counseling
Student and teacher supervision
School security
Budget development
Leadership and team building
Classroom evaluation


Assistant Principal, Fort Wayne Trade School


Supervise a team of professional educators providing services for a middle school with a student population numbering over 1,000. Communicate with teachers, counselors, cafeteria workers, and facilities crew. Communicate regularly with principal and superintendant in developing new administrative strategies.
Establish and maintain lasting rapport with staff, students, and parents.
Coordinate special education programs and summer school.
Responsible for introducing and executing after school mentorship program, which helped improve student outcomes.
Assistant Principal, Krieger Science Academy


Provided leadership for a science-oriented middle school with a specialized goal of placing students in advanced science courses in high school. Communicated with parents, students, and staff. Ensured that test scores remained in the top 10% of the country.
Identified students struggling to maintain high level of performance needed and ensured that they received the proper mentorship or tutoring.
Coordinated morning announcements and early semester organizational meetings.
Met with students, teachers, and principal in order to ensure complete academic success.
Classroom Teacher, Krieger Science Academy


Provided physics and biology teaching for a science-oriented private middle school. Ensured that students met or exceeded high academic expectations. Communicated with parents and administration on a regular basis.
Provided instruction to classrooms ranging from 15 to 25 students.
Ensured that tests were fair and challenging while making sure that students performed at or above expected level.
Provided regular progress reports to parents and advice for improvement.


Master of Science, Claremont Graduate University
Graduated with an MS in Education
Grade Point Average: 3.7 on a 4.0 scale


Bachelor of Science, University of Virginia
Graduated with a BS in Education
Grade Point Average: 3.4 on a 4.0 scale

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