Comprehensive Cisco Network Engineer Writing Help Resume Example

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Here is the Comprehensive Cisco Network Engineer Resume Writing Help example:


Cisco Engineer is a type of network administrator who specializes in networks built using Cisco products. Cisco Engineers are involved in designing and building networks, providing technical support and identifying and resolving recurring issues. Network engineer with certification like Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA is called as Cisco network engineer. The job opportunities for Cisco network engineers are good. To grab the job that comes your way you need to be prepared with a good resume. A good resume is the first factor that an employer considers to call you for an interview. Here are some details that help you to broaden the ideas about a career in Cisco network engineering.

Duties and Responsibilities

Cisco network engineer must be proficient in networking concepts, networking infrastructure, networking technologies, windows client operating systems, windows server operating systems and hardware installation. Cisco network engineer plays a wide-ranging role in implementing a company’s network and intranet systems. A Cisco network engineer may be responsible for designing and configuring a company’s network, ensuring its optimal performance, and providing ongoing support for the company’s telecommunications system. Cisco network engineer provides network design services which meet and exceed the needs of the company; develops detailed implementation plans to accommodate network growth, security, and enhancements by maximizing functionality of network equipment; monitors network implementation, providing support in an timely and accurate manner; analyzes data traffic patterns within network infrastructure, detecting operational problems and recommending improvements to ensure optimal performance; provides network security by configuring routers, switches, firewalls etc. according to company security standards and also performs many other tasks as required.

Cisco Network Engineer Resume Tips, Template and Sample

Cisco Engineer works as part of a team to install and support networks and their users. Cisco Engineer must have good communication and interpersonal skills. Strong analytical skills are also critical for identifying, troubleshooting and solving problems. Your experience and the skills must be presented in an organized manner in your resume to get your dream job. Resume plays an important role in getting success in your job hunt. As more and more businesses implement networking technology, they’ll need network engineers who can build and maintain their networks. Cisco-certified network engineers will have a competitive edge. To stand out in such competition you need to have a good resume. Here are some tips on how to write a job winning Cisco network engineer resume.

How to Write a Cisco Network Engineer Resume

Cisco network engineering is a technical field. A good technical resume should highlight your skills and experience in short and effective manner. Using of high technical terms should be avoided in your resume. The average HR person does not have the knowledge of technical terms and may not be able to go judge your experience and determine whether you are a match for the position’s requirements. You should make their task as simple as possible by writing your resume clearly.

Revise your resume whenever required and come up with a resume that matches the requirements of the job. Do everything possible to make sure your resume lands in right stack. Highlight the strengths that match the needs of the employer. There can be different job descriptions for different positions. Use them as keywords in your resume. Customize your resume for the job position you are applying for instead of having a general resume.

Use short bulleted sentences instead of lengthy paragraphs so that employer can go through your resume quickly. Use action words and keywords to get your resume successfully scanned in a computer. Use perfect font and typeface and do not exceed your resume more than two pages. Avoid typing and grammatical errors. Proof read your resume by your friends and colleagues. Start applying for jobs. Hope you will definitely land in your desired career.

Cisco Network Engineer Resume Template

Here is a template for Cisco network engineer. Use this template and fill your information and craft your own resume.

Contact Information:

In this section you have to include your name, current home address, telephone number and your personal email address which is currently used.

Career Objective:

Your objective is the one that clearly conveys your aims and aspirations in that profession. It should depict who you are and professionally what you can do to the company. Keep your resume objective to three lines.

Summary of Skills:

Mention your skills and major career achievements in short bulleted sentences. Use key words and symbols like dollar totals, percentages to list your achievements.

Professional Experience:

You should start with putting the name of the organization that you worked for, the duration of your work and the designation at which you were working. After this, you can effectively place points in a bulleted format about the responsibilities and the achievements that you may have achieved during your stay at the previous organization


The academic details should be mentioned here. You should mention your latest degree first followed backwards.

Certifications and Honors:

List the certification courses you have done that are relevant to the job you are applying. If you have won any competitions national or international then they could also be highlighted here. If you are a part of any honorary society or any nonprofit organization then that could also be added here.

Sample Cisco Network Engineer Resume

Here is a sample Cisco network engineer resume for your reference. You can use this resume by providing your information and come up with an interview winning resume.

James Harrison

250 Tassett Court


New York, 10901


Objective: To secure the position of Cisco Network Engineer in a company that offers opportunities for professional growth.

Summary of Skills:

Extensive experience with LAN bridging and switching on Cisco and Juniper environment

Network Security experience configuring and designing ACLs, firewalls, NAT, IDS

Familiar with network test scripting and automation

Knowledge of Cisco Switches 6500, 5000, 3500, 2900

Sound networking knowledge on CCNA.

Excellent analytical and trouble-shooting skills.

Technical Skills:

Operating Systems: Amiga, Macintosh OS X, JavaOS, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Solaris, SkyOS, Unix, ZETA, MS-DOS and Windows Vista.

Applications: MS Exchange 2003, Enterprise infrastructure software, Enterprise Server, Adobe Acrobat 9.0, PowerPoint 2007, Access 2007, Norton Antivirus and MS office 97/2000/2003.

LAN/WAN: IP Routing, Frame Relay, Multi Layer Switching, EIGRP, WAN Equipment, Proxy Server, TCP/IP, RIP, CDP, EtherApe, OSPF, ETHLOAD, Wireshark.

NMS / Analysis: WhatsUp Gold, AdRem NetCrunch, ManageEngine OpManager, WebNMS Framework, LoriotPro, SNMPc,Tivoli Netview, Sniffer Reporter.


Switching: Gigabit Ethernet, LAPB, X.25, SDLC, LLC, IP, IPv6, IPX, APPLETALK, FR, PPP, IP Telephony and LAN PBX systems.

Security: Paros Proxy, WebInspect, Core Impact, X-scan, VMware, Cisco Catalyst FWS, Cisco ASA 55xx, Firewall IOS, IPSec VPN, Kill-Bots, Infranet.

Professional Experience:

Cisco Network Engineer, from 2007 to till date

A 1 Technology Inc., NY


Designed and implemented customers network infrastructure.

Designed file server and allocation of space.

Developed applications over TCP/IP using internet and UNIX sockets.

Monitored and maintained data center facilities and related equipment to meet 100% SLA uptime standards

Implemented TCP/IP and related services DHCP/DNS/WINS.

Network Administrator, from 2005 to 2007

Access Computer Systems, NY


Implemented company’s network and intranet systems.

Provided technical support and identified and resolved recurring issues.

Updated server databases on a daily basis and performed necessary backups.

Troubleshot and maintained network equipment.

Junior Network Administrator, from 2003 to 2005

Aardvark Software Inc., NY


Designed and configured company’s network.

Developed and implemented network back up and recovery plans to maintain reliable network operating system.

Supported and maintained of NOC/Co-location facility. Racked, cabled and

networked servers and network equipment.

Designed and built networks.

Troubleshot OC-3, DS3, DS1 and ISDN connectivity issues.


New York State University

B.S. Computer Science, March 2003


Cisco Certified Network Associates (CCNA)

Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE-Written)

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (Lab)

Cisco Security Specialist (CSS-1)