Maintenance Technician Resume Example

Feel free to use this Maintenance Technician Resume example to update your own resume. Even though this is a free resume example, it is important to adjust your own resume to present your relevant work history and skills according to the job you are applying for.

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Here is the Maintenance Technician Resume example:

A maintenance technician can come in many different varieties and can have many different levels of education and expertise. These individuals usually work for an organization that requires careful monitoring of its main building or campus and a fast response when a piece of important technology breaks down. This position requires strong customer service skills, the ability to diagnose and analyze programs quickly, and good manual dexterity in addition to strong technical knowledge.

When developing a maintenance technician resume, you should make sure that you do your research and find out what sort of maintenance the organization you are applying to needs. You should then tailor your resume to highlight those specific skills. Below you will find three maintenance technician resume format options, each of which uses a candidate with a different level of experience and technical skill.

Entry-Level Resume

If you don’t have a lot of formal work experience in this field, your initial resume should instead focus on any applicable education as well as your physical skills, attention to detail, and problem-solving ability. Alex Putnam, the candidate presented in the maintenance technician resume example provided here, uses this chance to highlight related fields she has worked in as well as her own high level of analytic skill.

Alexis Putnam

61 Mayfair Lane

Durham, NC 27701

Mobile: (555)-555-5555


Very highly motivated maintenance technician with extremely strong technical skills and a high level of attention to detail seeking a position which will provide professional challenges and new technologies that require a high degree of maintenance.
  • Very well organized
  • Strong technical skills and mechanical intuition
  • Highly organized with an excellent level of attention to detail
  • Good mathematical and mechanical reasoning abilities
  • Interest in learning new mechanical technologies
  • Ability to communicate complex concepts to individuals with little mechanical experience
Associate of Science in Industrial Maintenance Technology, May 2014

Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

Graduated with a GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale

Courses Included:



Piping Systems

Industrial Electricity Systems

Manufacturing Processes

Mid-Level Professional Resume

As you gain more experience in this field, your technical knowledge and mechanical intuition should become more apparent on your resume. You can still include outside experience that will help seal the deal in getting a job interview, however. The maintenance technician resume sample provided here should give you an idea as to how you can blend multiple experiences together into one comprehensive resume.


Phone: (919) 410-6318 | [email]

90 Kingsley Road| Durham, NC 27701

Detail-Oriented Maintenance Technician

Very strong mathematic and mechanical skills. Highly motivated and willing to do everything possible to ensure proper maintenance, regardless of shift schedule or physical requirements.

  • Extremely strong analytical ability.
  • Excellent attention to detail and ability to notice minute problems in mechanical equipment.
  • Strong physical reasoning skills.
  • Flexibility in shift times and schedule details.
  • Terrific ability to find unorthodox solutions to difficult problems.

Maintenance Technician, 4/2012 to Present


EDUCATION University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

Associate of Science in Industrial Maintenance Technology, 5/2011

Experienced Professional Resume

As you get more experience, you will also find that you are gaining a great many new skills that should be included the next time you update your maintenance technician resume. You should never appear as though you feel like you have nothing left to learn, however. The willingness to take on new challenges is an important part of being an experienced professional, as this maintenance technician sample resume will hopefully demonstrate.

David Farnsworth


75 Philippus Drive | Durham, NC 27701

Home: 919.416.4966 | Cell: 919.661.0610


High-energy maintenance technician with an expertise in complex machinery. Extremely organized with a high attention to detail and the ability to notice minute details that others tend to miss. Very motivated and willing to take on new challenges regardless of the shift, situation, or time requirements.

Core Knowledge and Skills:
  • Electrical wiring
  • Motors and major electrical components
  • Console programming
  • Recordkeeping
  • Maintenance in confined spaces
  • Equipment installation
  • Maintenance in extreme temperatures
  • Preventive maintenance
Maintenance Technician, Mapi Pilar Industries 2011-Present
Maintenance Technician, The Radia Corporation 2008-2011
Equipment Installer, The Radia Corporation 2006-2008
Associate of Science, University of North Carolina

Graduated with an Associate Degree in Industrial Maintenance Technology

Grade Point Average: 3.4 on a 4.0 scale