Diesel Mechanic Resume Example

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Here is the Diesel Mechanic Resume example:

Even in an age of alternative fuels and a variety of different motor options, diesel engines are still the standard in the shipping industry, with diesel being the only fuel which provides the power needed for tractor trailer trucks and other extremely large vehicles. A diesel mechanic is a candidate who either has a high school diploma or postsecondary training and who focuses on the management and repair of vehicles that use diesel engines.

If you can put a certification program or associate’s degree on your diesel mechanic resume, it will help you in finding a job. However, this level of certification is not strictly necessary. Of the three diesel mechanic resume format examples provided below, two of them use candidates that have a higher level of education, while one uses somebody who only has a high school diploma but who has an otherwise impressive work history.

Entry-Level Resume

It will be hardest to break into the diesel mechanic job field if you don’t have any prior experience. On the bright side, any experience working with other engines or mechanical situations can help you out a great deal. In the diesel mechanic resume example provided here, Julius Parker has some educational training as a diesel mechanic and some previous work on automobile engines which he hopes will impress employers in this field.

Julius Parker

17 Brett Drive

Anchorage, AK 99501

Home: (907) 754-6189

Cell: (907) 145-7453



Extremely skilled diesel mechanic with excellent mechanical reasoning abilities and a specialty in diesel engines. Very well-organized, attentive to detail, and capable of handling multiple mechanical tasks at the same time. Skilled in business administration and capable of communicating repair and maintenance needs to customers.


Associate of Science in Diesel Equipment Technology, 2014

Relevant Courses
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Over the Road Applications
  • Off Road and Stationary Applications
  • Electrical Operations
  • Diesel Fuel Systems

Professional Skills
  • Diesel engine maintenance
  • Engine enhancements
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Attention to detail
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Lay communications
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel

Mid-Level Professional Resume

Mid-level professionals in this field have a few years of experience but are still relatively new when compared with those who have become experts. In this case, you should focus on not only your skills but your professional attitude and ability to keep yourself motivated. In the diesel mechanic resume sample provided below, Sal Murray leads with an emphasis on skill and attitude, leaving his actual work history for the latter part of his resume.

Sal Murray

51 White Avenue – Anchorage, AK 99501 – (907) 745-4124 – [email]


Highly attentive to mechanical details

  • Experienced diesel mechanic with intricate knowledge of engines and engine systems.
  • Highly attentive to small details and extremely well-organized.
  • Ability to handle engines of various sizes and strengths.
  • Strong customer service and communication skills.


Diesel engines: Strong proficiency with diesel engine repair and preventive maintenance.

Autobody repair: Provide repairs for connected systems and physical damage that can cause diesel engine wear.

Customer service: Communicate effectively with customers and third parties, describing technical issues in terms which are simple to understand.


Barden Truck Center (Anchorage, AK)

Diesel Mechanic, 6/2012-Present

Provide inspection, service, and maintenance for vehicles with diesel engines. Use specialized machinery and power tools. Disassemble, repair, and reassemble engines when necessary. Provide performance upgrades for engines that will benefit from it and completely disassemble non-functioning engines. Weld parts and fabricate repairs. Communicate maintenance and repair needs to customers.

National Equipment Company (Juno, AK)

Diesel Mechanic, 9/2010-6/2012

Diagnosed diesel engine difficulties and interviewed drivers in order to discover the source of existing problems. Determined root causes of malfunctions and repaired them with speed and accuracy. Ensured that safety regulations were properly followed at all times. Took on late shifts and weekend responsibilities as necessary.


Associate of Science in Diesel Engine Technology, Northern California Technical College, 5/2010

Experienced Professional Resume

A mechanic who has serviced diesel engines for many years has all the benefits of knowledge gained through a successful career but must still convince potential employers through a strong diesel mechanic resume that they have not become jaded or stuck in a professional rut. In the diesel mechanic sample resume provided below, Lorraine Powers emphasizes her willingness to meet new challenges and her eagerness to learn new solutions even after she has accrued many years of experience in this field.

Lorraine Powers

(555)-555-5555 | 33 Main Street | Anchorage, AK 99501 | [email]

Highly effective diesel mechanic with knowledge of many different engine configurations.

Highly proficient diesel mechanic with a knowledge of complex engine configurations. Ability to perform preventive maintenance and emergency repairs. Excellent customer service and mechanical skills.
Knowledge of industrial maintenance standards – Diesel engine rebuilding – Preventive maintenance – Problem solving –

Organization – Customer communications – Troubleshooting – Complex repairs – New engine installation –

Miscellaneous mechanical issues

Professional Experience


Offering fast and efficient diesel engine repairs and rebuilding.



Repair and replace diesel engines in order to ensure effectiveness of a large shipping service.


Repair and replace diesel engines in order to ensure effectiveness of a large shipping service.



Diagnosed problems, repaired engines, and communicated maintenance needs to customers.


Diagnosed problems, repaired engines, and communicated maintenance needs to customers.