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Security Guard Resume

When writing a Security Guard Resume remember to include your relevant work history and skills according to the job you are applying for. Whether you're seeking an entry-level position or have been in your career for a few years, exposing your relevant achievements in your resume can allow you to stand out and get that job interview.

This resume example is a great representation of what a hiring manager is looking for in a Security Guard Resume. Feel free to use this example for reference as you create your own resume or use this easy resume builder that will guide you through every step of your building your resume in just a few minutes.

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Here is the Security Guard Resume example:

The role of a security guard is to protect property from vandalism, theft, and other types of illegal activity. Though the exact duties performed will vary greatly depending upon the employer, there are some skills that all security guards should possess. These include the ability to make quick decisions, physical prowess, patience, and keen powers of observation.

Your security guard resume should focus on the aforementioned skills as well as any achievements that you have made in your career. Whether you’re looking for your first job or applying for a more challenging position after years of service, it is important to highlight your ability to face danger, think on your feet, and remain calm. In the three security guard resume format examples below, you’ll discover how to sell your talents to prospective employers.

Entry Level Resume

In most cases, you won’t need any secondary education to work in this field, though you will usually be required to possess a GED or High School Diploma. At the entry level, you won’t have any work experience to highlight, so you’ll need to put focus on high school courses and life experiences that make you a great candidate. In the security guard resume example here, Ronald Duncan focuses on his physical strength and his decision-making skills in order to appeal to his potential employers.

Ronald Duncan

42 High Street Apt. 4B, Trenton, NJ 08601

(555)-555-5555, [email]


Recent high school graduate with outstanding physical strength and the ability to pay close attention to small detail seeks a security guard position with a reputable company in which to expand upon his career experience. Thinks quickly on his feet and demonstrates good judgment skills.


Trenton South High School

High School Diploma, 2014

Grade Average: B

Wrestling Team – 2011 to 2014

State Champion 2014

Relevant Coursework
  • Introduction to Criminology
  • Physical Education
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Able to think quickly in stressful situations and make the right choices.
  • Attention to detail; notices small things out of place.
  • Understand processes behind patrolling commercial and industrial properties as well as private homes and neighborhoods.
  • Efficient in conducting investigations regarding observed and reported disturbances.
  • Proven ability to keep detailed records and logs.
  • Significant physical strength and stamina. Able to spend long periods of time on feet during patrols.
  • Outstanding communication skills for questioning suspects and witnesses.
  • Certified in CPR and First Aid

Mid-Level Professional Resume

A security guard is considered a mid-level professional whenever he or she has between four and seven years’ experience working in the field. At this point, the main focus on the resume should be achievements and work experience, though ongoing training (and certification in some instances) can be important. In the security guard resume sample below, Andrew Lock focuses on his achievements while working for ABC Security, including his rewards for thwarting a burglary on a commercial property.

Andrew Lock

165 West 18th Street, Jeffersonville, IN 47129 • (555)-555-5555 • [email]

PERFORMANCE SUMMARY:Experienced security guard with expertise and proven ability to protect large commercial properties. Can successfully lead a team of security guards, and displayability to pay very close attention to detail and conduct thorough investigations.
  • Familiar with various tools of the trade including metal detectors and security alarms.
  • Experienced in managing large-scale patrols of industrial and commercial properties.
  • Skilled in detailed incident reporting and
  • Organized and dependable; keeps promises regarding appointments and treatments.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills; can think quickly to provide solutions and instructions.
  • Ability to pay close attention to detail for the purpose of detecting threats and intervening when necessary.
  • Able to provide entrance authorization support according to company guidelines.

  • Successfully reduced property loss at Towngate Shopping Center by 58% over the course of two years.
  • Trained and supervised a team of 14 security guards.
  • Was able to prevent a burglary in 2012 at Rueben Manufacturing by identifying a threat and contacting law enforcement.

Reuben Manufacturing

Security Guard, March 2012 – Present

  • Responsible for authorizing entry to facility gates and keeping visitor/vendor logs.
  • Supervise a team of 14 day shift security guards for patrols and security checks.
  • Respond to security alarms and assess potential and real disturbances.
  • Responsible for contacting law enforcement and other emergency management officials when needed.
  • Schedule security guards as needed; handle payroll.
Towngate Shopping Center

Security Guard, September 2009 – March 2012

  • Night shift security guard; responsible for on-foot patrols of premises both inside and out.
  • Worked with a team of six other security guards; assisted in the coordination of patrols.
  • Responded to reported, perceived, and observed threats with professionalism.
  • Was responsible for the setup and maintenance of security alarms and systems.
  • Kept and maintained logs; followed recordkeeping protocols for data entry at the end of the shift.


James Jefferson High School

High School Diploma, 2009

Experienced Professional Resume

An experienced professional security guard is someone who has about a decade of experience in the industry. You should be able to list a few different career achievements at this point, and you will also want to be sure that you highlight your most prominent abilities. In the security guard sample resume listed here, Loraine McKnight describes her experiences with Guard-All, a company providing residential security in high-profile gated communities.

Loraine McKnight
1818 Reindeer Trace

Wichita, KS 67201

Phone: 316/441-6497


Security Guard

Proven Management and Leadership Skills with a Decade’s Worth of Experience

Hard-working and dedicated security guard with more than 10 years’ experience seeks challenging and rewarding position working inside a gated community to provide complete security to its residents. Able to react quickly in stressful and emergency situations, and understand the requirements for keeping a gated community safe.
  • Expert in personal and video surveillance.
  • Understand the procedures for conducting interrogations.
  • Observant and diligent in monitoring for even the slightest changes in circumstance.
  • Work well alone or with others.
  • Able to comply with local, state, and federal laws when required.
  • Physically active and fit; able to work long hours on feet.
  • Able to work unusual schedules and adapt to changing environments.
Rutherford Estates – Wichita, KS 9/2010-Present
Security Guard
Responsibilities include attending to the security needs of the community in general by responding to observed or reported threats. Screen incoming visitors and keeps logs of all incoming and outgoing vehicles and pedestrians. Monitor video surveillance footage. Patrols the community on foot or by bicycle in order to deter criminal and/or suspicious activity. Enforce security procedures with unauthorized visitors as well as residents.
Selected Results:
  • Manage a team of four night shift security guards by scheduling, organizing patrols, and supervising activities.
  • Create a security newsletter for Rutherford Estates residents. Provide tips on safety and security and information about who to contact in the event of an emergency.
  • Letters of recommendation from City Council and several property owners.
Underhill Estates – Wichita, KS 9/2008 – 9/2010 Security Guard
Night watchman for gated community. Responsible for monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic, maintaining security camera equipment, and reporting threats to police departments as needed.
Selected Results:
  • Letter of Commendation from the mayor of Wichita in 2009 for the role I played in a fire that broke out in May of that year. Was able to contact the proper authorities and evacuate residents for their safety.
Perryman Plastics – Wichita, KS 08/2003 – 9/2008
Responsibilities included regular foot patrols around outside of facility to deter criminal activity, checking vendors in and out, keeping detailed logs of all visitors, incidents and reports, and ensuring the personal security of night shift facility workers as they moved to and from the plant to the parking lot.
Selected Results:
  • Devised and implemented a new badge system for employees to reduce the amount of time spent at guard shack; employees were able to scan themselves in and out of the facility while being monitored by video cameras.
  • Awarded Employee of the Year in 2007 following the badge implementation.
  • Letter of recommendation from Rupert Perryman, owner and CEO of Perryman Plastics.

High School Diploma

Wichita City High School –2001

Associate’s Degree in Criminology

Proctor Technical College – 2003

Example #2

Robert Hall

7865 Charles Street

West Van Buren


Illinois, 60697


Objective Looking for the position of security guard with a reputed organization.


  • Expertise in providing personal, equipment, and real property security.
  • Ability to resolve customer complaints and concerns.
  • Skilled in utilizing building security, lock systems and procedures.
  • Ability to handle all kinds of challenging situations with a great success.
  • Dynamic, result oriented and self motivated.

Professional Experience:

Security Guard, 2007 to till date

Dartfish Ltd., IL

  • Responsibilities
  • Prevented and detected signs of intrusion.
  • Operated detecting devices to screen individuals.
  • Monitored for theft and violence inside the premises.
  • Looked after security protection procedures and ensured that they are executed.

Security Guard, from 2006 to 2007

EACO Corporation, IL

  • Responsibilities
  • Observed for signs of crime, fire and disorder.
  • Developed and implemented rules and regulations to protect the lives and property.
  • Escorted visitors and customers to safeguard and guide properly.
  • Permitted authorized persons to enter property.
  • Patrolled regularly with guard dog on leash.


Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice, 2006

Cornell University