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Sample Objectives for a Medical Assistant Resume

Medical assistants are needed for both clinical and administrative tasks in hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world. This position requires a postsecondary certificate but can be attained without a full college degree.

Duties and Responsibilities of an Assistant Manager

Assistant managers can be found in virtually every industry and generally serve as a buffer between employees and upper management. This position may require a bachelorís degree, but some businesses will hire assistant managers who have only a high school diploma and relevant experience.

Sample Resume for a Medical Assistant Job Position

The position of medical assistant is one that covers many different aspects of office and clinical assistance. A medical assistant serves an integral role in not only the everyday maintenance of an office but also the care of patients. Strong communication skills, the ability to multitask, and a strong attention to detail are all necessities in this field.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Medical Assistant

Medical assistants are individuals who help a clinical office run smoothly. They are responsible for carrying out administrative tasks such as answering telephones and filing records, but also perform clinical duties such as taking medical histories and explaining treatments to patients.

Sample Cover Letter for an Administrative Coordinator Job Position

The administrative coordinator field is one of the most varied out there. Somebody in this position might be asked to serve as a manager in any number of industries or might be charged with coordinating a complex project for the long term.

Skills Required for a Project Manager Job Position

A project manager is an essential supervisory position that helps make sure an entire office or team of people are on target with their work on a specific area of need. Some companies may refer to this position as an operations manager, while others may use that term to refer to a completely different position

Sample Objectives for a Bank Teller Resume

With more people relying on banking and fewer people using cash in their transactions, bank tellers are becoming an increasing necessity in our lives. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a growth of up to 8% over the next five years for this position.

What to Expect from a Career as a Computer Software Engineer

A computer software engineer, more commonly referred to as a software developer, is responsible for the development of the applications that consumers use. He or she may also be responsible for developing the underlying systems that allow such applications to run without error.

Skills for a Business Analyst Resume

Business analysts are an important part of an organizationís strategic arsenal. Demand for skilled business analysts is high and the competition for the best positions is fierce. Stand out from the competition by aligning your skills with those in highest demand by employers.

The Future of Bank Teller Jobs-Salary and Employment Figures

With so many people turning to digital mediums to process all of their financial transactions, many people who currently hold bank teller jobs are concerned with their future. However, these tellers will always be necessary to help customers process their transactions on a face-to-face basis.

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Popular Examples

Bank Teller Cover Letter Examples

A bank teller cover letter should accompany a resume. It is a good idea to include a reference letter from a former employer if that is possible. The letter should identify any relevant experience and skills as well as express knowledge of and interest in the position.

Dental Assistant Cover Letter Examples

A dental assistant cover letter should mention an applicant's education and practical experience in the dental field. It should relate the applicant's experience to the items listed in the job description.

Nurse Cover Letter Examples

When writing a nurse cover letter it is important to emphasize your specific nursing skills, practical experience and education level. You should explain how your skill set is relevant to the particular position for which you are applying.

Engineer Cover Letter Examples

An engineer cover letter should accompany every application you complete and each resume you send to a potential employer. It is essentially your introduction and should explain who you are, why you are interested in working for the company and any value or benefit you believe you could bring to the organization.

Teacher Cover Letter Examples

A teacher cover letter can be written to go with a resume for any kind of teacher who is looking for a new or different position. It is extremely important that each cover letter is unique for the particular position. It should also be well-written and contain no grammatical errors, misspelled words or awkwardly phrased sentences.

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Assistant Resume Example

This resume is for a professional with a passion for providing assistance to both customers and management. We emphasize relevant assistant- and administrative-type skills.

Graduate Resume Example

This resume is for a recent graduate with limited or no work experience. In this case, the individual is targeting the field of Chemistry, so relevant lab work in college is emphasized as well as all other educational credentials.

Manager Resume Example

This resume is for a management professional with experience in managing and leading individuals and teams in daily operations.

Student Resume Example

This resume is for a student attempting to enter the workforce. Since work history is limited, we emphasize educational credentials and honors as well as relevant industry-related skills.

Technician Resume Example

This resume is for a technician attempting to gain a new position as Hull Technician. A major emphasis is placed on industry-related skills, including Welding, Installations, Fitting, Metal Fabrication, Quality Assurance, and Cutting & Bending.

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