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How do you Impress an Employer with a Dazzling Financial Analyst Resume Objective

Financial analysts are important individuals who help both businesses and individuals make better long-term financial decisions. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a faster than average growth rate for this job over the next 10 years, but it also projects that the field will become more competitive.

How Do You Write an Assistant Principal Cover Letter that will Pay Off

An assistant principal carries most of the same responsibilities that a school’s principal has, but with more of a focus on the day to day operations of the organization and interactions with the students.

How can you Create a Security Guard Resume that will Impress any Employer

There are more than one million security guard positions in the United States. While the field is growing, it isn't growing at a faster rate than most other jobs. This means that as more candidates enter the field, it becomes harder to get a one on one interview with an employer that can land you a job.

How a Good Resume Objective Statement can Jumpstart your Hair Stylist Career

A hair stylist candidate needs to show creativity, strong communication skills, and an eagerness to provide excellent service from customers who may be quite demanding. The best way to show all of these qualities is to start your job application off with a strong objective statement.

What Skills Should a Successful Data Scientist Candidate be Sure to Have

Every business and organization needs to have a web presence in order to be successful these days. The people behind these websites need to have a specific set of skills and a good knowledge of the Internet as a whole.

What Kind of Skills and Experience Should a Professional Web Developer Have

Data scientists, also known as data analysts, are vital to business and research landscapes because they help make sense of the raw data that many research projects churn out. Good data scientist skills include the ability to handle large amounts of data, provide meaningful analysis, and break it down into a form that the public can digest.

What Essential Information should be Included in Every Financial Analyst Resume

A financial analyst is essential for most companies to have, but the actual number of openings in this field is quite small. With many different people to compete against and a limited amount of time to impress a potential employer, the quality of your financial analyst resume becomes extremely important.

What are the Duties that People Expect out of a Skilled Bar Manager

Becoming a bar manager means learning how to handle all aspects of the business, ranging from human resources to financial manager to customer service. The many bar manager duties that are required means that only somebody who is motivated and driven to succeed can fill this role effectively.

How to Impress Employers with a Strong Customer Service Representative Resume

Customer service representatives are among the most common job types available in the modern employment field. However, that doesn’t mean they are always easy to get. With relatively low entry requirements, it can be very difficult to compete with people who have more experience than you.

How to Create an Event Coordinator Cover Letter that can Dazzle Employers

Event coordination is an interesting field because it has many different entry points. People approaching an event coordinator position might have trained specifically for the job or they might have gained experience in other fields such as office administration, communications, or even finance.

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Popular Examples

Bank Teller Cover Letter Examples

A bank teller cover letter should accompany a resume. It is a good idea to include a reference letter from a former employer if that is possible. The letter should identify any relevant experience and skills as well as express knowledge of and interest in the position.

Dental Assistant Cover Letter Examples

A dental assistant cover letter should mention an applicant's education and practical experience in the dental field. It should relate the applicant's experience to the items listed in the job description.

Nurse Cover Letter Examples

When writing a nurse cover letter it is important to emphasize your specific nursing skills, practical experience and education level. You should explain how your skill set is relevant to the particular position for which you are applying.

Engineer Cover Letter Examples

An engineer cover letter should accompany every application you complete and each resume you send to a potential employer. It is essentially your introduction and should explain who you are, why you are interested in working for the company and any value or benefit you believe you could bring to the organization.

Teacher Cover Letter Examples

A teacher cover letter can be written to go with a resume for any kind of teacher who is looking for a new or different position. It is extremely important that each cover letter is unique for the particular position. It should also be well-written and contain no grammatical errors, misspelled words or awkwardly phrased sentences.

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Assistant Resume Example

This resume is for a professional with a passion for providing assistance to both customers and management. We emphasize relevant assistant- and administrative-type skills.

Graduate Resume Example

This resume is for a recent graduate with limited or no work experience. In this case, the individual is targeting the field of Chemistry, so relevant lab work in college is emphasized as well as all other educational credentials.

Manager Resume Example

This resume is for a management professional with experience in managing and leading individuals and teams in daily operations.

Student Resume Example

This resume is for a student attempting to enter the workforce. Since work history is limited, we emphasize educational credentials and honors as well as relevant industry-related skills.

Technician Resume Example

This resume is for a technician attempting to gain a new position as Hull Technician. A major emphasis is placed on industry-related skills, including Welding, Installations, Fitting, Metal Fabrication, Quality Assurance, and Cutting & Bending.

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