How to get a hostess job?

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Getting a hostess job should not be the most difficult job to land in the world, but there are some definite do’s and don’ts involved in the process of application. Here we will give you a few pointers to give you the best chance of landing a hostess role.

1. Find out where the jobs are. The chances are that your local town has dozens of places where hostesses work. Every restaurant in town will have hostesses and this is a great place to start. Make a list of all these and be sure to contact them all and send a resume over to them.

2. Present yourself well. When you are working in the customer service industry presentation is everything. Make sure that you look smart and professional. Nice make up is a must, too much make up is a definite no no. Understand that the attire should be smart casual for an interview of this nature, and don’t get too casual or too racy.

3. Show your politeness. The next most important thing about customer service jobs such as hostess positions is to have the ability to remain cheerful. You should try to be as outgoing as possible throughout your interview, and smile at all possible times. Your goal in this job is to please the customers with your service and attention, so a pleasant disposition is a must.

4. Understand what is required. When you are being interviewed, try to keep in minds the behaviour of a perfect hostess, and try to replicate this. Your prospective employers are going to want someone cheerful and friendly, but not too friendly. Understand that you should speak when it is clear that they want you to speak. Expand on things when you have the sense that they would like you to, but do not give too much detail. This is simply because any diners at the restaurant are not going to want to hear your life story!

5. Don’t take no for an answer! By this I don’t mean that you should refuse to leave the room until they give you a job! I mean that if you get rejected for a post, don’t be afraid to apply again. You will find that some places have a high turnover of staff, and in a few months time the same position might be available again. There is no reason why you will not get the job the second time round – you might only have missed out on the post the last time because there was just one candidate that they thought was better than you, and they will admire your tenacity for reapplying for the job.

Good luck in your hunt for a job, and don’t forget to refer back to our tips!

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