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Pick one of our expertly designed resumes to begin editing and download in just a few minutes. We work with professional resume designers to ensure you can pick and edit the best Resume for your job search. If you can’t make up your mind, keep scrolling and you will find free resume templates to download and edit.

  1. Remarkable Let your name stand out with a large header and a two column resume.
  2. Original Show Off your skills with our Original 2 column creative resume.
  3. Fresh Memorable two column resume that shows confidence in your skills.
  4. Emphasized Sleek, fun, and easy to read two column resume.
  5. Cool Very cool two column resume that pops out from your competition.
  6. Artistic Elegant but artristic one column resume to represent your best self.
  7. Accentuate Elegant but artristic one column resume to represent your best self.
  8. Strong A strong and notable contemporary two column resume.
  9. Modern Modernized one column resume with bold headings.
  10. Managerial The twenty-first century stylish two column resume.
  11. Impactful A smart and effective two column resume to impress employers.
  12. Essence Use this chic two column resume that leaves an impression on recruiters.
  13. Contempo Clean and contemporary one column resume with bold headings.
  14. Blueprint Fresh and modern one column resume.
  15. Acclaimed A crisp memorable one column resume with a large heading.
  16. Standout Pop out to employers with a standout one column resume.
  17. Refined Classic professional one column resume.
  18. Professional Professionally designed one column resume that great to turn into any employer.
  19. Pacific Professional resume with every section need to hand into your future employer.
  20. Executive Professional resume with every section need to hand into your future employer.
  21. Esteemed A noteworthy resume that help put you at the top of the employeers list.
  22. Distinguished Superb professional one column resume with highlighted heading.
  23. Deluxe Professional lux one column resume that's perfect to go with any application.
  24. Bold A san serif and slim font gives this one column resume a modern and clean look.
  25. Whitespace This classic and elegant resume fits any style of professional.
  26. Qualified Fun to read, clean and crisp two column resume with a modern minimalist look.
  27. Pinstripe Combine professionalism and elegance with this traditional design.
  28. Knowledgeable Smart looking two column resume that's fun to read.
  29. Insightful A single column resume with a strong header and a clean and crsip body.
  30. Charismatic Strong and memorable heading complimented by a light and professional layout.
  31. Centered Wide margins and narrow fonts give this resume a centered and slim look.


What's included in my resume?

Every premium resume includes an easy to use resume builder, step-by-step expert tips, pre-filled statements, and a cover letter to match your new resume.

We spent countless hours ensuring our builder has every tool you need to build a perfect resume for the job that you are applying for.

Will my resume pass ATS?

OF COURSE! All of our resumes are specifically made to pass the ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Several companies use this recruiting software because it streamlines their hiring process. This means making sure your resume will pass the ATS is essential. We are making sure you have the best chances of landing your dream job.

Who Created These Resume Templates?

Our team is full of amazing career experts, graphic designers, and certified resume writers, with over 10 years of experience, who work together to make sure these are the best resume templates for any job you apply for.

Are These Resume Templates Free?

We feature our free resume templates on our Resume Examples page. Please, note that these free examples do not include our builder or premium features.

How Can I Make a Cover letter?

When you create a resume, we automatically create a Cover Letter that matches your resume. If you want to create your Cover Letter now, check out our Cover Letter builder.


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Great! What are you looking for today?


No matter how simple or complicated your resume will be, a resume has these basic sections that should be included.

Typically, a resume includes these 5 sections:

resume template section five 1 2 3 4 5

1.Your contact information and professional social media links.

2.A list of the schools you attended along with the degree/s you’ve obtained.

3.Related skills toward the job you are applying for.

4.A resume objective that focuses on your related career goals.

5.3 listed related work experiences with your accomplishments in each job.


What's included in my resume?

A resume is a document used to showcase an applicant’s background, skills, and accomplishments to secure new employment.

Typically a resume contains a summary of the applicant’s job experience and education.

Which resume format should I use?

The 3 common resume formats are chronological, functional and combined. The chronological format tends to provide the most details on your three most recent positions. This format tends to be best if you want to display your several years of work experience.

A functional resume format focuses on your career achievements and relevant skills. This format tends to be best if you want to highlight your skills and want to hide work gaps.

The combination resume format is a mix of both chronological and function. This format tends to be best for targeting senior-level roles or if you want to highlight your expertise and achievements.

Can my resume be 2 pages?

Yes. Typically a 2-page resume is for applicants who have over 10 and less than 20 years of experience and are applying for high-level roles.

If you are not applying for a senior position or higher we suggest keeping your resume to 1 page.

What skills should I list on my resume?

It is important to list relevant skills to the job you are applying for. (Sorry, HR, most likely, doesn't care that you can “fold a dollar into a short-sleeve shirt”)

Stick to hard and soft skills, like, the number of words that you can type per minute or communication skills.

How to Write a Resume Statement?

Your resume objective should focus on your career goals and job achievements. Quickly define who you are and how you will improve a company while summarizing your strongest areas of expertise. We have plenty of resume objective examples, for all career fields, to help you perfect your resume.

What employers look for in a resume 2024?

In reality your resume will last about 6 seconds in the recruiters hands. Jana Tulloch, humans resource professional, says "I like to see a very short summary at the top that gives me a sense of who the individual is" and "when it comes to work history, be sure to highlight what you brought to the company and how you added value”.

What should be avoided on a resume?

Here are common mistakes applicants make when creating their resume, let’s avoid these mistakes:

  • Grammar issues.

    Try using Grammarly to avoid grammar and spelling issues on your resume. (If you are using our builder, don’t worry, we've got your back.)

  • Writing a resume objective that does not match the job.

    The resume objective section is really the only place where the recruiter will get to know you and decide if your job goals match their job position.

    Our career experts have created several resume objectives for the job you are applying for. Get access to these resume objectives when you use our premium resume templates.

  • Adding irrelevant skills and work experience.

    We have mentioned this earlier but it is extremely important to list skills that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Recruiters are looking for people with a specific set of skills.

    Try adding keywords in your resume that match the job posting.

  • Choosing clashing colors on your resume.

    Recruiters look at resumes all the time. The last thing that they want to look at is a resume that makes their eyes hurt. Try sticking with one color and black to be safe.

  • Incorrect contact information.

    After creating a great resume, let's double check your contact information is correct. Afterall, the whole point is to get the recruiters to call you back.