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Sample Letters

This section has a collection of employment/job, business, and education related sample letters.

Sample Letter Categories

Acceptance Letters


Let a company, organization or business know that you have accepted a position or job that has been offered to you.

Apology Letters


If you need to formally say "I'm sorry", an Apology letter is the correct way of doing it.

Appeal Letters


In the event of a disagreement with a decision made, write an Appeal letter to address the issue.

Application Letters


An Application Letter briefly highlights your skills and qualifications. Include it with your resume when soliciting a job.

Leave Letters


If you have to be absent from work for an extended period of time, you should write a Leave Letter.

Other Letters


A proper Termination Letter is used to officially notify an employee about his or her termination from the job or position.

Recommendation Letters


A teacher, supervisor or colleague can write a Recommendation Letter to assess the qualities and virtues of someone applying for a job or college enrollment.

Resignation Letters


The formal and proper way to notify that you're quitting your job is with a Resignation Letter.

Retirement Letters


If you're planning to retire, you should hand in a Retirement Letter to officially inform and document your resignation.