Best Stock Associate Job Description

A stock associate works for a retail company, and is responsible for receiving, organizing, and maintaining store inventory. The job description of a stock associate requires a close attention to detail, the ability to conduct moderate to heavy physical labor, and strong organizational skills.

Position Description

A stock associate receives shipments to a store, checks for shipment accuracy, stocks items in the warehouse and/or on the sales floor, maintains store inventory, and returns any defective merchandise.

Essential Duties or Responsibilities of a Stock Associate

  • Assists in unloading shipments to the store, factory, or warehouse.
  • Checks items received against shipping invoice to ensure the shipment is accurate.
  • Unpacks inventory.
  • Organizes inventory in the stockroom or warehouse.
  • Uses forklifts to transport bulk shipments or heavy items around the stockroom or warehouse.
  • Replenishes stock on the sales floor as needed.
  • Places orders for supplies.
  • Answers customer and sales associate questions about available items in stock.
  • Retrieves items from stockroom at customer request.
  • Places special orders for customers when necessary.
  • Conducts regular store inventory.
  • Uses inventory control software to log information.
  • Assists managers and associates in preventing theft and maintaining proper inventory.
  • Pulls defective or expired items from shelves.
  • Packs up defective items or overstock and arranges for the return shipment.
  • Observes proper safety procedures in the stockroom, particularly when lifting and moving heavy items.
  • Reports issues or problems to inventory manager or store manager.
  • Attends store meetings.
  • Assists in cleaning up the store and stockroom during closing shifts.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Possesses physical strength necessary to unload, lift, and carry heavy boxes.
  • Exhibits strong organizational skills.
  • Is familiar with inventory software.
  • Pays close attention to detail.
  • Demonstrates strong interpersonal and customer service skills.
  • Exhibits familiarity with the range of a company’s products.
  • Works well with a team.
  • Communicates clearly and effectively.
  • Demonstrates ability to read and interpret invoices and packing slips.
  • Exhibits familiarity with proper safety procedures in the warehouse or stockroom.
  • Is capable of operating forklifts and other heavy machinery to move and organize heavy items.

Education and Experience

A stock associate typically holds a high school diploma or GED. Many stock associates have also held previous jobs in the retail industry, either working in warehouses or on the sales floor. Almost all individuals are required to successfully complete a company-specific safety and customer service training session prior to their start dates.

Work Environment

Stock associates spend the majority of their time in the warehouse or stockroom, arranging and overseeing store inventory. They may also spend time on the sales floor, addressing customer questions and concerns and restocking items on the store shelves as needed. A typical workweek is approximately 40 hours, and shifts may vary from day to evening depending on store hours. The job requires moderate to heavy physical activity, as stock associates are required to stand, walk, and lift items throughout the majority of their shifts.


The average salary for a stock associate is approximately $25,000 per year. Experienced stock associates can make up to $35,000 per year.

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