As a medical receptionist, you will be responsible for greeting patients, keeping records and ensuring that a practice runs smoothly. The following medical receptionist interview questions and answers will help your interviewer learn more about you, your qualifications and your abilities.

Why Do You Want to Be a Medical Receptionist?

This question may seem simple, but it can certainly tell your interviewer a lot about you. For instance, if you simply say that you want to be medical receptionist because you need the paycheck, this does not say much about your desire to be successful. You should provide a thorough answer similar to “I have all of the knowledge necessary to be successful at this job, such as being able to handle interruptions and the ability to multitask. I also enjoy being challenged, and staying organized and on top of things in a busy medical atmosphere can certainly be challenging at times.” In this manner, you are providing some of your abilities and explaining why you will strive to be successful.

What Methods Will You Use to Work With People on a Daily Basis?

This question will help your interviewer determine the extent of your people skills and the ways in which you will handle the many patients you will see each day. Your answer should be in direct response to the question and customer service-based. For example, “I enjoy helping people solve their issues quickly so that they can avoid frustration and enjoy a better relationship with the facility. I will also spend time studying company policies and practices so that I can learn more about the various resources available to the patients as well as myself.” This shows your potential employer that you have the initiative to learn more about the company and truly help the patients.

How Would You Handle an Upset Patient?

Regardless of the level of care patients receive, there will inevitably come a time when you will need to deal with an angry or otherwise upset patient. Your interviewer knows this, and this particular question is designed to gauge your ability to handle stress. Your answer should resemble “I would take the time to listen closely to the patient’s concern. If it is about the level of care he or she received, I would speak with the doctor or nurse who provided the care. However, if the issue is in regard to billing, I would review the patient’s chart to see if there is any way to save that patient money.”

Are You Comfortable with Debt Collection Calls?

If you are applying for a position in a small medical practice, you may be asked to place debt collection calls to patients. This can be particularly stressful, particularly if you are asked to meet a weekly or monthly goal. Before your interview and especially if you have never placed such calls, you should do some research to learn about effective debt collection methods. Then, you should relay these to your interviewer if you are asked this question. Not only will you impress your potential employer, but you will have the knowledge necessary to properly execute the calls when the time comes.

The job of a medical receptionist is one that is very diverse, so you will need to prove to your interviewer that you have the skills and traits necessary to be successful. After all, your success directly reflects upon the practice.