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How to create an accounting resume objective

Last Updated: January 11, 2024
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Accounting professionals seeking a new position should have a resume that creates a great first impression. A well-written accounting resume objective will provide a snapshot of your career goals and show how you can add value to an organization

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Example accounting resume objectives

Below are 10 unique accounting resume objective examples organized by job title:

[Job Title]

“To obtain an accounting position where I will be able to contribute my skill, knowledge and experience to a company that will give me an opportunity to develop my career.”

[Job Title]

“To engage in a career that will allow for progress in terms of expertise, socio-economic development, and innovation through exposure to new ideas for professional growth, as well as growth of the company.”

[Job Title]

“To employ my knowledge and experience with the intention of securing a professional career with opportunity for challenges and career advancement, while gaining knowledge of new skills and expertise.”

[Job Title]

“To employ my knowledge and experience with the intention of securing a professional career with opportunity for challenges and career advancement, while gaining knowledge of new skills and expertise. ”

[Job Title]

“To obtain an Accountant position by adding value through utilizing my superior knowledge, prospecting and calculation abilities in the business.”

[Job Title]

“To develop and discover my vision into pragmatic action, as a performance-oriented official of proper accounting track record, I want to activate my “self-branding” strategy in your organization with strong and healthy confidence.”

[Job Title]

“Secure a responsible position in account management and serve as an account representative sharing my breadth of experience and abilities effecting mutual employee and employer growth and success.”

[Job Title]

“Seeking a position as an Accounting Executive where extensive experience will be further developed and utilised.”

[Job Title]

“To build upon my existing corporate finance skill set in both analytics and transaction execution, leading to increasingly responsible positions in treasury”

[Job Title]

“Position at a leading organization as a financial analyst and continue my education in the financial field by obtaining the CFA designation. ”

Why is an accounting resume objective important?

A resume objective is a brief statement that communicates your career goals and showcases your skills, making you stand out in a crowded job market.

  • The objective is an introduction, giving the employer a first impression of you.
  • It highlights your skills. Use this space to mention critical skills such as proficiency in specific accounting software.
  • A resume objective tells employers what you aim to achieve in your next position.
  • A well-crafted objective can make a recruiter want to read more of your resume.
  • It explains how your goals align with what the company is looking for in an employee.

How to create an accounting resume objective

A concise and focused resume objective can increase your chances of landing an interview.

  • Tailor it to the job: Make sure your objective aligns with the specific position you’re applying for.
  • Use keywords: Incorporate keywords from the job listing to pass ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) checks.
  • Be specific: Mention the exact role you are applying for, like “Cost Accountant” or “Financial Analyst.”
  • Highlight experiences: If you’ve got unique job experience, mention it briefly.
  • Keep it concise: An objective should be 1-2 sentences long, no more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I avoid in my accounting resume objective?

Avoid vague statements, overused clichés, and making it too long. Stay focused on what makes you unique as an accountant.

2. How long should my resume objective be?

1-2 sentences are ideal. Keep it brief and straight to the point.

3. Should I have a different objective for each job application?

Absolutely! Tailor your objective to each position to show you’ve researched and understand what they’re looking for.

Key Takeaways & Things You Need to Know

The perfect accounting resume objective is clear, specific, and aligned with the job role.

  • Make an impression: The objective is often the first thing an employer reads, so make it count.
  • Align with the job: Customize your accounting resume objective for every position to highlight your relevance.
  • Use powerful language: Words like “achieve,” “deliver,” and “optimize” can be effective.
  • Be genuine: Ensure that your objective genuinely reflects your career aspirations and not just what you think employers want to hear.
  • Always proofread: A single mistake can cast doubt on your attention to detail, so always double-check your work.

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How to create an accounting resume objective

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