What is an ASCII Text Resume?

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It used to be enough just to know how to create an effective resume in the format that the prospective employer required; but there is so much more to applying online today. While it is more convenient for both employers and possible employees to send and receive resume information in email form; it can be difficult for both parties to find a computer format that is both easy to use to create the document, but also, to read the document in different operating systems on the end of the prospective employer. One of the most commonly used terms in the world of online applications and resumes is the ASCII text resume. In this article, we discuss exactly what it is, and what it means to your job hunting online.

ASCII text format is a format that is often asked for by online job postings and employers looking for a certain kind of format; but what is it? ASCII stands for American Standard Code of Information Interchange, and is a format that is basically universal in being understood in almost every computer operating system that exists; so, whatever documents you send, your prospective employers will not only, be able to open the documents and attachments; but also, read them; and know if you might be a good candidate for their position.

It should be noted that not all employers will ask you for an ASCII text resume; most often, instead, they will ask for your text resume, but this is the same thing. More names commonly used to denote an ASCII text resume are: plain text resume, text with line breaks, and simple text resume. While a resume may be readable in almost any operating system, you may wonder what makes it so universally readable. Basically, a resume in this form has no frills-all bold, italics, bullets, fonts, and other stylistic intentions are evaporated from the document.

Most job positions-for the sake of convenience-will ask for ASCII or plain text resume formats; but once in awhile, an employer may ask for a formatted version-as is found in a MS Word document. These resumes are just as you see them while creating them: with indents, bullets, bold, fonts, and any other format specifications that you prefer.

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