Team Manager Cover Letter

Dear Ms. Mueller,

I saw the posting for the Team Manager position opening up within the company and I would appreciate the opportunity to advance to this position.

As of now I am working as a team leader for your company but for two years, I held a management position with Stream Global Services. I believe that this experience makes me the best candidate for this job and I hope that you will consider me as one of the top applicants.

I have excellent leadership ability and a winning personality. I know how to talk to co-workers in such a way that they want to meet their obligations and do a good job. I have outstanding problem solving skills with the ability to recognize problems in their early stages, so they can be resolved before escalating into major issues.

I have worked for your company long enough to know and understand your procedures and policies and to lead others in the day-to-day operations to keep your business running smoothly. I have experience creating schedules to maintain efficiency while staying within the man hours allowed.

I am computer literate and I have the ability to learn your system and perform the administrative duties associated with being a manager. I possess the skills needed to monitor the staff and determine where improvements need to be made to create a more efficient workplace. I am sure that I have the skills and experience you seek and that I can be a great asset to your management team.

My contact number is (555)-555-5555 and I hope that you will consider me for this promotion.



Dennis Gillham

Encl: Resume

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