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Writing a Executive Assistant cover letter Examples is your introduction to the hiring manager. In order to stand out companies want you to present your relevant work history and skills according to the job you are applying for. Whether you're seeking an entry-level position or have been in your career for a few years, exposing your relevant achievements in your cover letter can allow you to stand out and get that job interview.

Our cover letter examples are written by certified cover letter writers and is a great representation of what hiring managers are looking for in a Executive Assistant cover letter Examples resume. Use this example for reference as you create your own cover letter or use this easy cover letter builder that will guide you through every step of your building your resume in just a few minutes.

Here are Executive Assistant Cover Letter Examples:

Dear Mr. Donovan:

My name is Carrie Henderson and I am seeking a position as an executive assistant with ABC Marketing Firm. I am currently the executive assistant to Ms. Rita Hayes, the Director of the Sales Division at XYZ Marketing Solutions in Baltimore. I am relocating to Alexandria, Virginia with my fiancй and would like to work for ABC in Washington D.C. There is a reference letter from Ms. Hayes included with my attached rйsumй.

I have 3 years’ experience at XYZ and prior to that was in college at Virginia Intermont where I graduated with honors in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Marketing. I believe you are acquainted with my current director, Ms. Hayes. She has indicated that she would be happy to talk with you about my job performance at XYZ. Although ABC is a considerably larger firm than XYZ with a number of international clients, I am confident that I would be able to do an excellent job of performing the duties of an executive assistant in any department.

Technology is one of my strongest skills and I know that is important at ABC. I have a great deal of experience putting together presentations using both PowerPoint and Flash. I know how to use Power Converter to convert PowerPoint presentations to Flash and I am familiar with enhancing presentation colors with the Color Schemer program. I can design top-notch charts with the PowerPlugs Charts program and put them in 3D using the Perspector software. No presentation is complete without the use of Photo Shop techniques and I am an expert on this program. In addition, for directors who prefer Apple computers, I am able to design presentations using Apple Keynote software as well.

I hope you will take a close look at my rйsumй and contact Ms. Hayes for a reference. I would be honored to work at ABC Marketing Firm in any capacity where my skills can be used. I am available for a personal interview or a phone call at your convenience and can be reached on my cell phone at (555)-555-5555 or via email at [email]

Thank you,

Carrie Henderson

Carrie Henderson

Example 2 -Unadvertised Opening

This executive assistant cover letter example is from a student who is preparing to graduate from a community college with an Associate’s Degree in Business. She is sending out resumes to area businesses seeking a position as an assistant to a director at a large company with room for advancement.

Dear Human Resources Director:

My name is Kaye West and I will be graduating from XYZ Community College in a few weeks with an Associate’s Degree in Business. I am seeking a position as an executive assistant in any department. I have learned how to use all of the latest programs for 3D color presentations, financial spreadsheets, graphs, charts and proposals. I completed an internship as an executive assistant to a partner in the ABC Law Firm during the last semester, and a reference letter from Helen Jones, attorney-at-law is attached with my rйsumй.

I believe that between my college course work and my internship I am well-prepared to enter the executive assistant training program at your firm. It has always been my dream to work in some capacity at AAA Law Firm as your fine organization is a fixture in our community. I had the privilege of getting to know some of your associate attorneys when I was in high school and participated in Mock Trial activities. They were extremely helped and sparked my interest in working in a law firm.

I hope to eventually go on to work toward my paralegal degree, but right now need to get to work paying off student loans. I would welcome the opportunity to work as an assistant to any of the attorneys or executives at AAA Law Firm. You will find me to be a dedicated and loyal employee with excellent communication and organizational skills and I am eager learn how to help make your firm an even brighter star in the legal industry.

I will be happy to come in for an interview anytime at your convenience should there be an opening where my skills might be a good fit. My resume is attached along with a letter of reference from Dr. Michael Scott, one of my college professors. I can be reached any time at (555)-555-5555 or by email at [email] Thank you for your consideration.


Your Signature

Kaye West

Example 3 – Response to Job Postings and Classifieds Ads

This executive assistant cover letter example is from an individual who works as an assistant to the Director of Graphic Design at a fashion magazine. She is applying for a position as executive assistant to the editor-in-chief of the publication. The Graphic Design Director is supporting her in the endeavor.

Dear Ms. Perry:

It has been my pleasure to work here at XYZ Fashion Magazine in the Graphic Design Department for the past 3 years. I have greatly enjoyed my time working as an executive assistant to the director of the department, Mr. Stanley Thomas. These 3 years have been a tremendous learning experience for me in graphic design and the computer programs associated with the craft.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in journalism from the University of ABC where I graduated with honors in 2009. My last semester in college I did an internship at US News Magazine after which I was hired by Mr. Thomas to assist him in his duties at XYZ. While in college I covered cultural events for the campus newspaper and did movie reviews. I enjoy writing and do a weekly fashion blog called Experimental Elegance.

I am responding to the interoffice job posting to work as your executive assistant, Ms. Perry. I would consider it an honor to assist you in your editorial duties and to learn all there is to know about the journalistic side of a fashion magazine. I am proficient at all of the computer programs you list on the job posting as well as some of the more complex graphic design software. I believe I am more qualified for the position than a job applicant who has never worked for XYZ Fashion Magazine.

My detailed resume is attached along with a letter of reference from Mr. Thomas. I hope you will consider me for the position as your assistant. I am willing and able to work any number of hours necessary, day or night, to help keep XYZ Fashion Magazine at the top of the industry publications. I am available for an interview at your convenience and can be reached on my cell phone at (555)-555-5555 or via email at [email]

Warm Regards,


Candy Calhoun

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