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Professional Disability Support Worker Cover Letter Example

When writing a Disability Support Worker cover letter remember to present your relevant work history and skills according to the job you are applying for. Whether you're seeking an entry-level position or have been in your career for a few years, exposing your relevant achievements in your cover letter can allow you to stand out and get that job interview.

This cover letter example is a great representation of what a hiring manager is looking for in a Disability Support Worker cover letter resume. Feel free to use this example for reference as you create your own cover letter or use this easy cover letter builder that will guide you through every step of your building your cover letter in just a few minutes.

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Here is the Professional Disability Support Worker Cover Letter Example:

Dear Ms. Lloyd,

I am applying for the Disability Support Worker position now available at SDoylestown Hospital.

I have a real desire to help improve the quality of life for disabled patients as much as possible, so they can maintain a sense of dignity in this very difficult time in their life. I can help maintain a safe environment for these patients and provide the care they need regardless of their disabilities. I can also make sure they receive their medication and take it on time.

I have experience working with bed-ridden clients and those that are confined to a wheelchair. I am physically fit and able to help these patients in and out of bed and to help them perform other duties that require more strength or stamina than the patient is capable of.

I have also cared for patients that can move around on their own but need help with daily tasks such as cleaning, shopping and preparing meals. I have experience helping disabled patients maintain their personal hygiene by helping them bath, change clothes, comb their hair, brush their teeth and so forth.

I can also help these patients maintain a social life by encouraging them to get out and attend community functions and I can provide the transportation to these events. I can also make sure patients get to all of their doctor appointments on time and back home again safely.

In addition to caring for the disabled, I have the skills to perform the administrative tasks associated with this position such as keeping up with appointments for patients and recording all visits to be filed for future references.

Please call (555)-555-5555 to arrange a date and time for an interview.



Walter Martinez

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