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Analytical Statistical Analyst Cover Letter Example

Dear Ms. Edith Rodriquez,

I am writing to apply for the position of Statistical Analyst with Harris Corporation.

I have a master’s degree in statistics and five years of experience working as a Statistical Analyst Assistant. During this time, I gained considerable knowledge in this field by working hand-in-hand with other professionals.

I have acquired the experience and skills to perform every aspect of this job beginning with creating surveys and researching the data in order to find an answer to the questions or to solve the problems presented by the administrators. I have extensive knowledge of statistical analysis software programs used to analyze the data collected and I am familiar with and have the ability to learn how to use large, complicated information systems.

I have experience interpreting quantitative data, checking and maintaining databases to make sure they are reliable and designing statistical models to assist with problem solving. My experience also includes interpreting data summaries and preparing forecasts based on the data.

My skills include having strong verbal and writing abilities that allow me to explain the results of the analysis through written reports and presentations. They also include the ability to explain the information in a way that both technical and non-technical personnel can understand. My experience also includes creating charts and tables with complete accuracy.

I have very strong analytical, critical thinking and problem solving abilities and I am confident that my skills and experience will make me a valuable member of your company if selected for this position.

You can reach me for an interview by calling (555)-555-5555.



George Boyce

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