Dance Choreographer Cover Letter

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Rosa Moya
3233 Airplane Avenue
Windsor, CT 6095

Ms. Kerri Weinberg
Leander Independent School District
3526 Viking Drive
Centerville, OH 43713

Dear Ms. Kerri Weinberg,

I am applying for the position of Dance Choreographer with Leander Independent School District and I am very excited about the possibility of working for your company.

I began dancing when I was very young and through the years, I learned a variety of complicated dance moves. A few years ago, I became interested in creating my own dance moves, so I went to college to earn a bachelor’s degree in dance. I studied the history of choreography, composition, dance styles and theory, all of which has helped me to become a professional choreographer.

I am very creative and have a natural ability to express ideas and thoughts through dance. I am a great teacher with the ability to instruct dancers as they learn the routines and to work with them until they can perform the moves correctly. Due to my experience, I have the ability to set up rehearsals and to choose the best dancers for each performance.

I can work with the dancers personally to ensure they understand the dance moves, offer suggestions and motivate the dancers to do their very best. I also have the skills to help choose the costumes that will enhance the dance moves and to create the design for the set. I have lots of patience, I don’t get discouraged easily and I welcome constructive criticism. If something I create get’s rejected, I consider everything, make the necessary corrections and try again.

You can reach me by calling (222)-227-4848 to set up an interview and I hope to hear from you soon.


Your Signature

Rosa Moya

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