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There is often a situation in which a high school or college student wants to enhance their future career and learning through an internship. This said, many are unaware of how to best address an internship in application. Below, is a sample of an internship cover letter for the novice.
Sammy Haggis
University of Kentucky
678 College Way
Frankfort, KY 75477
cell: 555-555-5555
June 15, 2004
Shawna Walker
Lab Director
Independent Laboratories
34 West End Street
Frankfort, KY 75477
Dear Ms. Walker,
I am interested in applying for the lab research summer internship position posted at the University of Kentucky’s Career Services website, and have submitted a bit about my experience and skills for your convenience.
Aside from following an intensive coursework degree in Chemistry and Biology sciences, I have had extensive hands on laboratory experience in these sciences-in the field as well as the lab classroom. While in the lab classroom, I have learned how to create chemical reactions; while in the field studies, I have learned about various chemical compounds and organic materials-as related to Geology.
I write to you as my career intent is to work in a Chemical Laboratory, creating, discovering, and learning from this science and its place in our world. As to my candidacy for this internship, there isn’t a student more committed to the field, study, or your company; and I look forward to the possibility of showing you the benefits I can aid Independent Laboratories while learning a great deal of hands on experience myself.
Thank you for your consideration.
Sammy Haggis

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