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Erin Baily
149 Massachusetts Avenue
Washington, DC 20020

Oct 6, 2010

Ms. Cruz Bowen
Knowledge Learning Corporation
4585 Illinois Avenue
Portland, OR 97217

Dear Ms. Bowen,

While perusing seeking for Sales Analyst positions, to my chagrin, I found your ad-at one of the most well reputed and prestigious companies of your kind in the industry. I would be very grateful if you could review my attached resume, and consider me for an interview for just this position.

For over three years, I have served as a key Sales Analyst at BAE Systems. In this role, I have been in charge of facilitating analysis of company sales at the store and company level, in comparison with competitors and market analysis. I have prepared hundreds of reports on sales analysis, projections for multi year terms, and proposed various initiatives to bolster sales for the profit of the company. I am thorough, have an analytical mind, and have a great attitude. I work well on a team and also take initiative when necessary.

You will find a copy of my resume enclosed. I ask that you please review it, and give me a call at (666)-770-8552 to follow up on the finer details. Thanks for reading this letter of inquiry and resume. I value your time.



Erin Baily

Encl: Resume

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